West Elm Coffee Table

Does the coffee table have to match the couch?

Style – Coffee tables come in many styles and finishes. If you are trying to select the best option, choose a coffee table design that matches the design elements of most of the furniture in the room. There is no need to try and match the coffee table to the sofa, unless that is your preferred style. If you need assistance with selecting the perfect coffee table for your home, Viesso can help. Leave your design questions in the comments below and we’ll get to them right away. Or, you can check out out modern coffee table selection here: http://www.viesso.com/living/coffee-end-tables.html : How to Match a Coffee Table to Your Sofa

How tall should coffee table be?

How high should my coffee table be? – West Elm Coffee Table SHOP – Fika Oak Coffee Table To make sure your coffee table works within the space, its height should be balanced with the sofa or armchairs surrounding it. You should also bear in mind the overall size of your living room, as a tall coffee table may look out of place in a smaller space.

Should I splurge on coffee table?

Given that the coffee table is often situated in the center of your living room, finding one that’s the right size and style for your space is important. Coffee tables endure daily use, so it’s worth the investment to ensure it can stand up to wear.

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Do people still buy coffee tables?

Are coffee tables still popular today? Coffee tables are still very popular today. For one thing, they provide a place to set down for your coffee or tea while you’re sitting on the couch.

Should coffee table be higher or lower than sofa seat?

Frequently Asked Questions – What is the standard height of a coffee table? Most coffee tables will be between 14 and 20 inches tall. However, it’s possible to find low slung tables that are as low as 12″ and taller coffee tables that go up to 24″. How tall is too tall for a coffee table? Remember, a design guide is just that: a guide.

Rules are meant to be broken! However, keep in mind that coffee tables are meant as a comfortable, low table to encourage conversation and provide a spot for drinks to rest. Generally, you don’t want your coffee table to be more than 2-3 inches taller (or lower) than the cushions of your sofa or chairs.

How long should your coffee table be compared to your couch? A great rule of thumb is that your coffee table dimensions can be approximately 2/3 as long as your sofa. Measure the length of your sofa and narrow down the options from there!

What coffee table goes with a sofa?

The right shape: round or square coffee table? – Here, too, it is best to orientate yourself on the surrounding seating furniture. Basically you have the choice between rectangular, square, triangular, round or oval coffee tables. Depending on the size and shape of the existing living space as well as individual needs, certain variants are more suitable:

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Rectangular coffee tables go well with large L-shaped or elongated sofas, If the couch is very long but you don’t want a square table, oval models are a good choice. With U-shaped living landscapes we recommend quadratic or round models Round or triangular coffee tables are ideal for smaller sofas, With two adjoining sofas a small triangular table in the corner is perfect. It is best to combine round chairs with comfortable armchairs Side tables made of glass, By the way, these can then be a little higher, because after all you have to reach for the table over the armrest. Round and oval designs are ideal for families with smaller children, Because here the risk of injury is much lower than with a square table.

(Photo shows curved glass coffee table UT 20 and side table FADO by DREIECK DESIGN)

What size coffee table is best for couch?

To find the ideal length, choose a coffee table that’s roughly two-thirds the length of your sofa. For example, a sofa whose length is 84 inches would need a coffee table around 56 inches long.