Rectangular Glass Coffee Table

What takes up more space a round or rectangular table?

Space Saving – If you have a small house or dining room, bear in mind that round tables take up less space. They have a smaller surface area than their rectangular counterparts so will fit into tighter spaces much more easily. If you’re space conscious, it can be a better choice to go for a circular table that won’t make your room feel crowded or your guests feel claustrophobic! Quick tip: When choosing table size for your room, remember to factor in space for chairs!

How do you style a rectangular coffee table?

Rectangular Glass Coffee Table *This story was made possible by the generous support of Sauder, and features gifted product for testing purposes. All opinions are my own. Today’s post is part of a mini series I started here showcasing some interior photography and styling I did for Sauder,

  1. We’ve been long-time customers of Sauder’s, having added their furniture to our collection here in our current mid-century ranch and also in our previous new-build townhome,
  2. We’re genuine fans, and I appreciate the team’s support so much that I wanted to pay it forward by sharing bonus posts here on my blog to spotlight some of their fabulous furniture items.

Keep scrolling to see more photos of our Canton Lane Metal & Wood Coffee Table from Sauder and to learn some of my easy tips for styling a rectangular coffee table, too. Rectangular Glass Coffee Table Rectangular Glass Coffee Table I would actually say that a rectangular coffee table is one of the easiest surfaces to style in a home. At first, I even wondered if it was worth dedicating an entire blog post to the subject, but I’m sure there’s someone out there who has been left scratching their heads over this type of tabletop (zero shame in that, by the way!), so I’m going to chat through the formula that has always worked for me.

First of all, I like to break things down into three zones spread equally over the coffee table. This helps fill out the long, skinny space nicely without overcrowding it. No one wants a coffee table so stuffed with stuff that they have no where to set a drink down! Less is definitely more in this case.

For this coffee table, I decided to create a trio of focal points, starting with a plant, followed by a retro plate that we use as a remote catcher, and then, finally, a stack of books that we often use as a drink drop zone. Rectangular Glass Coffee Table Incorporating round objects, like the plate, helps break up all of the hard straight lines of the coffee table, as does the organic shape of the plant. I never, ever leave out plants in my styling, and that’s especially so when it comes to a coffee table.

  1. I love the height plants add to an arrangement, and the softer, more asymmetrical lines of the leaves makes the tabletop look more lived-in and inviting.
  2. A tray is also another element that I always make sure to include when styling a coffee table.
  3. Rectangular coffee tables tend to have a little less space than a round or square coffee table, so it’s important to include some kind of multi-functional object, like a tray, that allows for multiple uses depending on what you’re doing at your coffee table.
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For example, it could be where you drop your remote when you’re watching TV, a place for your drink if you don’t want to set it right on the wooden tabletop, or a bottle or two of nail polish. A tray is a practical item to have on your coffee table to protect it, but it can also act as décor if you pick one that matches your style, like this decorative ceramic plate I picked up an an antique store. Rectangular Glass Coffee Table Rectangular Glass Coffee Table Rectangular Glass Coffee Table I hope that offers some good direction to head in if you’ve struggled to style your own rectangular coffee table! I did want to mention that, of course, it’s totally cool to leave your coffee table totally blank. We have a beautiful handmade tiled coffee table from the 1970s that we actually keep clear of any styling at all.

  1. The tile is just too pretty to cover, so we leave the space wide open.
  2. Point being, do whatever works for you and your lifestyle or décor.
  3. I wanted to shout another big thanks to Sauder for giving me the excuse to chat more about modern furniture styling.
  4. Click here if you missed the first part of this series where I talk through how to style a square coffee table, click here for tall bookcase styling tips, and here’s a link again to the rectangular coffee table seen in today’s post,

Isn’t the black metal base so edgy and cool? I can’t stop staring at it! Rectangular Glass Coffee Table Rectangular Glass Coffee Table

What shape tray is best for a rectangular coffee table?

Add a tray or something large to anchor your accessories – With any coffee table you’ll want something large as a foundation for your decor. It’s your anchor piece. I like to use a tray or a few large stacked books. Depending on the size of your coffee table, a tray might be the best solution since you can get them in larger sizes.

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A tray or stack of books create a base for your accessory groups. Trays come in squares, circles, ovals and rectangles so choose a shape that works best with your coffee table. A round coffee table looks best with a square or rectangular tray. A circular tray works well on a rectangular or square coffee table.

A circular tray and a circular coffee table are too many circles (in my honest opinion) so try to mix it up. Once you have your tray (or stack of large books down) it’s time to add some accessories. Rectangular Glass Coffee Table Rectangular Glass Coffee Table

Are glass coffee tables timeless?

The Timeless Appeal of Glass Coffee Tables – Are glass-top coffee tables a relic of the past? Far from it. Glass coffee tables, with their elegant and timeless appeal, continue to grace many homes. They offer a sense of space, especially in smaller rooms, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Homeowners favour glass coffee tables for their numerous benefits. They are easy to clean with just a quick wipe, making them minimal maintenance. Moreover, they are durable and long-lasting. These tables combine beauty, timelessness, elegance, and edginess, making them versatile for both formal and modern spaces.

They add sophistication to formal areas and a modern flair to contemporary rooms, displaying their adaptability in interior design. Rectangular Glass Coffee Table Image:

Is a glass table better for small spaces?

Wood or Glass? | Wood Versus Glass Dining Tables What your dining table is made from is just as important as its style. While there are many materials available today, the perennial favorites are wood or glass dining tables. But which is a better choice for your home? In this article, we ask the question: when it comes to wood vs glass, what is the best dining table? Pros of Glass Dining Tables Rectangular Glass Coffee Table This contemporary glass topped dining table looks light and airy in any room. Let’s start with glass. A glass tabletop can bring brightness to the dining room as it lets light to flow through the space, particularly if there is a nearby window open to the sun.

  1. Visually, glass allows the eye to see the entire room, making it appear bigger since it doesn’t block any of the other furniture.
  2. It is a great choice for a small or dark dining room.
  3. Glass is most often used in contemporary design.
  4. After all, contemporary furniture is known for its clean lines and lack of fussy details.
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What makes glass the best dining table for some homeowners is that it is easy to clean. A damp cloth or paper towel is all that is needed to wipe off superficial dirt. To sanitize and clean away food bits, a few sprays of a commercial glass cleaner will do the trick. Rectangular Glass Coffee Table Although glass topped tables can be extendable, there are some restrictions to size. While glass tabletops are low maintenance, they also need to be cleaned more often. All it takes is one diner placing a hand on the surface and glass looks dirty. If not using the right cleaner, it can also get smudged or foggy.

While the glass used in dining tables is sturdy, it is still more fragile than wood. It can become scratched and chipped and the only way to make it look good again would be to replace the glass. Even though hot dishes aren’t likely to damage a glass tabletop, care should be taken when sliding dishes across the surface.

Glass tabletop corners can be sharp. If you have young children in the house, be sure the edges are rounded or surrounded by a softer material. Pros of Wood Dining Tables Rectangular Glass Coffee Table With the, you get a choice between several different table shapes. Is the best dining table made from wood? Many would agree that it is. Wood dining tables have been around for centuries, with good reason. Wood is durable and gives a sense of warmth to the dining room.

Although you may imagine wood tables are often traditionally styled, today they are available in any shape, size or design, from contemporary to classic. Although wood tables are prone to scratches, this is easily fixed with a bit of touchup finish. Given the proper care, wood dining tables can last for many years, making them a good investment.

Cons of Wood Dining Tables Because the finish of wood dining tables can be marred by hot dishes and moisture, tablecloths, placemats, and coasters are necessary to keep them looking good. A regular application of furniture polish or wax is necessary to keep the wood from drying out. Rectangular Glass Coffee Table This combines both materials in a gorgeous style. So, in the debate of wood vs glass, what is the best dining table for your home? It largely depends on your lifestyle and personal taste. Then again you can always choose a primarily wood or glass dining table that includes both materials. : Wood or Glass? | Wood Versus Glass Dining Tables