Hallway Table With Mirror

What is a hallway table called?

1 Answer. A table in a hallway is usually called a console, however, if it is in a hallway towards the front of the home, it can be called an entryway table.

What is the table called under a mirror?

What is a console table used for? – When first conceived, console tables were typically made in pairs, designed with matching tabletop mirrors, and were placed almost exclusively in the hallways and foyers of grand mansions and palaces. These original items usually served more of a decorative purpose than a functional one, however gradually over time, more and more practical designs have emerged.

These developments in design have seen console tables – once used only in the opulent hallways of aristocratic homes – become a far more accessible and popular furnishing option for homes of all kinds. Nowadays, console tables aren’t restricted to hallways. These items are extremely versatile and have a wide range of different uses.

With a little bit of extra thought and planning, console tables can be placed almost anywhere in the home. From your hallway to your bedroom, kitchen to your dining room, a well-placed console table can be an interesting feature in any space. For example, if square footage is at a premium in your home, but you’re after a place to work when you’re away from the office, a console table can be used to create a compact home office.

  1. Simply choose an area near a power source and install a console with enough space to hold your office essentials.
  2. Finish the look by adding a chair with a slim design that won’t take up too much space and will easily tuck under the console when not in use.
  3. Or why not use a console in your bedroom as a space-saving dressing table? This can be ideal for keeping your favourite items of make-up and jewellery without the need for a full-sized dressing table.
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Console tables of all sizes can also be a great addition to either your dining room or kitchen. If you enjoy hosting, a strategically placed console btwn the kіthn and dіnіng areas can be the perfect place to leave drinks, dѕѕrtѕ, cheese boards or even spare cutlery and table linens between serving different courses.

What looks nice in a hallway?

Hallway ideas: decoration – Since hallways, especially in city houses, tend to be narrow, the walls are an important feature. Opt for a warm paint colour, some elegant wall panelling, or a patterned wallpaper to lend the space character. Also consider adding wall lights, for a gentler glow than an overhead light.

This is a great place to display art, We’ve seen some brilliant examples of statement pieces taking up practically an entire wall, but gallery walls are also a great option in a hallway, perhaps displaying a collection of photographs or botanical prints. “Traffic is a consideration when you are decorating,” notes Rita.

“The floor, for example, has to be practical while remaining in keeping with the style of the house.” We love a flagstone hallway, or the traditional tiles you can still find in Victorian houses, but sisal or jute can also be a great, hardwearing option for this space.

What is a sorcerer’s mirror?

A fine English sorcerers or bullseye mirror from the Campaign Era, with thirteen reverse ground optics and an acid-etched dedication: ‘Presented by Robert Craig to Sergeant Major Dickman, S F Guards, accented by thistles and crossed swords, in a square frame of birds eye maple.