Are Seat Belt Extenders Legal In Uk
Are car seat belt extenders legal UK? The only time it is safe to use a seat belt extender in a car is when both of the following criteria are met: The person using the extender is an obese teenager or adult whose body size is such that the seat belt can not be buckled without the use of an extender. AND. Can I use UK car seat in us? What is this?

Is it safe to use seatbelt extenders?

When is it SAFE to use a Seat Belt Extender?​ – The only time it is safe to use a seat belt extender in a car is when both of the following criteria are met:

  1. The person using the extender is an obese teenager or adult whose body size is such that the seat belt can not be buckled without the use of an extender. AND
  2. The extender is obtained directly from the vehicle manufacturer (not from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress or other stores/websites).

Are Seat Belt Extenders Legal In Uk Are Seat Belt Extenders Legal In Uk Some vehicle manufacturers do NOT offer seat belt extenders. It is unclear why – but they may have concerns about the ability of their safety restraints to hold someone of this size in a crash. Seat belts are tested to 6,000 lbs of force – but a person weighing several hundred pounds could exert more force than this on a seat belt during a severe crash.

Can I buy my own seat belt extender?

Seat belt length varies by airline and by type of aircraft. While you can find out seat widths and pitches online, many airlines do not provide information about seat belt lengths on their websites. If you’re concerned about the length of a seat belt, the best way to get current seat belt information is by contacting your airline.

  • Passengers are required by law to wear a seat belt on the plane unless the seatbelt sign is turned off.
  • While you can buy your own seat belt extender, there is no guarantee that it will be allowed through security and there’s no guarantee you will be able to use it on the plane.
  • If the belt doesn’t close, you may be asked to deplane.

To avoid last-minute boarding problems, you should call, email, or start an online chat with your airline whenever you have any questions or concerns about your tickets, itinerary, or flight. This process may take some time, particularly if you contact your airline by email or happen to talk with a customer service agent who does not know the answer to your question.

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How do I know if I need a seatbelt extender?

Once You Have Sat Down – Once you’re in your seat and you’ve tested your belt to find it doesn’t quite fit, you can flag down a member of the cabin crew and ask them for a seatbelt extender. As soon as everyone is seated they will start to do checks up and down the aisle, so this is the best possible time to ask.

  1. It’s best to ask before the safety demonstration as often planes will start to move towards the runway while they’re giving everyone safety info.
  2. If you have trouble flagging someone down, press the ‘call cabin crew’ light located above you.
  3. This will get someone’s attention immediately.
  4. Top tip: if you need a seatbelt extender, chances are you won’t be able to sit in emergency exit rows.

We know it’s all too tempting to book these for the extra room, but as the extenders are a tripping hazard, they’re not allowed to be used in these seats. If you have trouble flagging someone down, press the ‘call cabin crew’ light located above you.

How wide are Ryanair seat belts?

Width Of Seatbelt With Ryanair The width of the seatbelt on a Ryanair flight is 22 inches (56cm) and if this doesn’t fit you, you will be able to request an extender from a flight attendant.

How much is a seat belt fine UK?

You can be fined up to £500 for not wearing a seat belt. Only one person is allowed in each seat fitted with a seat belt. Never use the same seat belt across two or more passengers. As a passenger over the age of 14 it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re wearing a seat belt.

Does Ford give free seat belt extenders?

‘No questions asked’ – Solomon, then a 20-something from Atlanta, studied religion in college and tried writing a book about the TV show “South Park” before launching several websites to sell products online. With no relevant training or experience, he began peddling seat belt extenders, first buying them from China before finding a source closer to home — a Ford dealership employee.

  1. Solomon met Derek Martin through eBay, where Martin himself had been selling extenders.
  2. Martin, a self-described “bigger guy,” realized he could make money off extenders after he bought one for his Mustang from a Ford dealership in Toccoa, Georgia, a town of about 8,500 people some 90 miles northeast of Atlanta.
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Martin worked at the parts counter there from 2004 until 2011. Although Ford’s policy dictates dealerships give extenders for free to the few customers who need them, Martin testified in a deposition he never received any instruction about the distribution of seat belt extenders or the dangers of their misuse.

  1. Whenever a customer would come into the dealership and ask for one, Martin said, the dealership would sell it to them, “no questions asked.” In 2009, Martin asked his manager if he could order extenders from Ford and sell them online.
  2. According to Martin, the manager said, “Sure.
  3. I don’t see any problem with it.” So Martin began buying extenders in bulk for two cents apiece and selling them on eBay for about $15 each.

He purchased them through the dealership until 2012, continuing even after he quit working there. Martin and Solomon told different stories about how their business relationship began. But, one way or another, Martin ended up selling to Solomon a type of extender designed only for the front seats of 2000-2007 Ford Focuses.

  • Solomon, in turn, resold extenders through his websites, including More of Me to Love (“the premier brand for products for plus-sized people”), Booster Buckle (a now-defunct website that advertised extenders for use with booster seats) and Seat Belt Extender Pros.
  • Visitors to the Seat Belt Extender Pros website could select the make and model of their vehicle, as well as the seating position for which they wanted an extender.

They wouldn’t necessarily receive an extender that had been designed for that vehicle, however. Solomon conducted his own research about which extenders fit in which vehicles and sent customers products he thought would work. “Just because a random tongue clicks into a buckle doesn’t mean that that’s a full-strength latch,” Roger Burnett, a Ford engineer, would later testify in a deposition in Woodruff’s lawsuit.

In 2013, court records show, Seat Belt Extender Pros advertised extenders as “excellent” and “ideal” for booster seats. The company’s website displayed a mother’s glowing testimonial alongside a photo of smiling kids buckled into booster seats with extenders. Multiple reviews, purportedly written by parents, praised the product.

“It was hard to access the rear seat belt tucked in the seat next to my grandson’s car seat,” one review read.

Are seat belt extenders legal in Ireland?

Frequently asked questions – Where a seat belt is fitted it must be worn. The relevant legislation falls under S.I. No.240 of 2006 of the Compulsory Use of Safety Belts and Child Restraints in Motor Vehicles Regulations 2006. Yes. But only if the person holds a certificate from a registered medical practitioner excusing them from having to wear a seat belt or if they are wearing a disabled person’s belt e.g., if in a wheelchair.

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Three point or diagonal seatbelt Two point or lap belt
Comes across the driver’s shoulders and lap and buckles at end Comes across lap only – most common on buses and coaches

Yes. There is no law against the use of lap belts. However, we strongly recommend three-point belts which are safer unless the seat is side facing. See table at the end of this document for specific safety belt requirements for these vehicles. No. There is no legal requirement to fit seat belts in vintage vehicles if they were not originally manufactured with them.

  1. However, we strongly recommend that seat belts be fitted to such vehicles for your own safety.
  2. See table at the end of this document for clarification on the vehicle age limits and seat belt requirements.
  3. All children under 150 cm in height or 36 kg in weight must use a child restraint system (CRS) suitable for their height and weight while travelling in a car or goods vehicle other than a taxi or bus.

For further information Download our Child Safety in Cars Booklet The same laws apply as with all other vehicles. We are not aware of any legislation that would prevent the use of such a device as long as it is installed in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines and does not interfere with the effectiveness of the restraint system fitted by the manufacturer.

  1. As some cars are not compatible for having ISOFIX retrofitted, it is important that you seek advice from the manufacturer or authorised distributor before making any modification, and only fit parts that are type approved and professionally fitted.
  2. For further advice and guidance on isofix systems, see our webpage on Child Safety in Cars,

Yes. Note that where seat belts are fitted, they will be tested to ensure they are safe – regardless of the age of the vehicle and whether the seat belts are legally required to be fitted or not. If seat belts have been retrofitted, you may be asked to present seat belt certification or a modifications report at the test.

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