What Pharmacy Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas members have access to the mail pharmacy services of Express Scripts® Pharmacy, which is a pharmacy that has been contracted to offer these services. Express Scripts Strategic Development, Inc. is the owner of the trademark for the Express Scripts® Pharmacy brand.

Does CVS accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas?

You have arrived at: Home / News / BCBSTX Removes CVS from Network Pharmacy Copy CVS pharmacies and CVS pharmacies located inside of Target ® stores will no longer be a part of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas’ (BCBSTX) standard pharmacy network as of January 1, 2017, regardless of the date on which the membership was renewed.

This change will affect members who have pharmacy benefits that are managed by Prime Therapeutics ®. Participants of fully insured groups as well as members of the retail market (small sized groups and individuals) will be impacted by this network modification. Medicaid and Medicare programs are unaffected by this development at this time.

ASO organizations have the option to either adopt this new pharmacy network that does not include CVS in its participating pharmacies or continue using the existing pharmacy network that does contain CVS. For further information, please get in touch with your BCBSTX representative.

  1. BCBSTX, in close collaboration with Prime Therapeutics, performs ongoing evaluations of our pharmacy networks and offerings to ensure that we are able to keep our members’ benefits at an affordable cost.
  2. This evaluation ensures that we are able to obtain competitive reimbursement rates from participating pharmacies that are a part of Prime’s network.
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CVS Pharmacy ® has been engaged in continuing talks in which it has asked for a higher reimbursement rate for generic medications in comparison to the rates offered by rival pharmacies. As a consequence of this, BCBSTX has decided that it would no longer include CVS pharmacies as part of its pharmacy network.

  1. Members will still have access to more than 55,000 pharmacies throughout the country that are part of the network (but not CVS), with more than 4,000 of those pharmacies situated in the state of Texas alone.
  2. This comprises a large number of small pharmacies in addition to several of the larger pharmacy chains such as Walgreens, Walmart, Kroger, HEB, and Brookshire’s.

We surpass the network adequacy criteria that the state of Texas has established with the remaining pharmacies in network in each and every county where we have a presence. In addition, BCBSTX provides members of the retail market with access to cost-effective solutions through our 2016 Preferred Pharmacy Network.

These options include copays as low as zero dollars. This network consists of about 2,000 pharmacies, including at least one big national chain, a grocery store chain, and a large number of small pharmacies. BCBSTX is dedicated to assisting our members in locating the pharmacy coverage option that meets their requirements in the most practical way possible.

Members who have recently filed CVS claims and are affected by this change will get notification in the form of a letter in the month of October. This letter will include information on how to choose a different network pharmacy, as well as how to transfer any current refills or new prescriptions to their new pharmacy.

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Preferred Network Pharmacies – When you need to have your prescriptions filled, you have the option of filling them at either a preferred or standard pharmacy that are part of the Blue Cross Medicare Advantage pharmacy network. You are free to select any option, however using a recommended pharmacy will typically result in cost savings for you in the form of reduced copayments or coinsurance rates.

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield patients can get treatment at MinuteClinic. Be certain that your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan offers coverage for internet health care at the present time. If you want to be sure that you are covered, we strongly suggest that you get in touch with Blue Cross Blue Shield either before you come or before you schedule a Telehealth appointment.

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