What Does On Hold Mean At Cvs Pharmacy
When a prescription is put on hold at CVS, it indicates that the pharmacy does not currently have the required medication in stock and is instead waiting for more to be delivered. You are still able to pick up your medication; all that is required of you is some more waiting time.

What does it mean when your prescription is on hold?

Clicking on the name of a medication that is displayed on the VA Medications List page will bring up the option to view further information about that prescription on the View Prescription Information Detail page. The prescription number will be shown as the heading for the table that contains all of the information in greater detail.

  • The following information pertaining to the specified prescription will be displayed in this table.
  • Name of the Medication The name of the medication that is being prescribed will be shown.
  • Below the prescription, the directions that should be followed are written down.
  • The date that the prescription was most recently renewed is referred to as the Fill date, and it is only applicable to Active prescriptions.

The date that a prescription was initially issued is considered to be the Fill date in cases when the prescription has never been refilled. This is the day that the prescription is made available for shipment through the Consolidated Mail Out Pharmacy and is referred to as the “dispensed on” date (CMOP).

  1. Refill State – There are six possible outcomes associated with the status of your prescription history: Active.
  2. If a prescription may be refilled, it is considered active and will be reported as such.
  3. You are need to launch the Refill Prescriptions page in order to refill the prescription, and you may do so by clicking on the left navigation bar.
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Status: Active; submission made. When a refill request is shown as “Submitted,” it indicates that My HealtheVet has received it; however, the request has not yet been processed by the pharmacy. Maintain your hold. Because the pharmacy or the provider has placed a hold on the prescription, it is not now possible to get a new one filled.

  • Active: The refill is now in progress.
  • This status shows that a request for a refill is currently being handled by the pharmacy that issued the prescription.
  • When a prescription is in the “Refill in Process” condition, the Fill Date will reflect when the prescription will be ready to be sent over the mail (by the Consolidated Mail Out Pharmacy, or CMOP).

Discontinued. If a prescription is listed as “discontinued,” it means that the drug’s original manufacturer or the VA provider has decided to no longer fill that prescription. Expired. This indicates that the medication should no longer be used. The name of the VA institution where the prescription was initially filled is “Facility,” and it is referred to simply as “Facility.” This is the date when the prescription was initially handed out, and it is indicated by the phrase “ordered on.” The quantity of the prescription that is being renewed is indicated by the quantity field in the refill form.

  • Refills Remaining: This number represents the total number of refills that are still available for the prescription.
  • At the very top of each and every page is the date and time in military format that indicates when the View Prescription Detail table was most recently updated.
  • To print the information presented on this page, use the Print button from the toolbar.
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When you click the Print button on this page, a print dialog box will popup, allowing you to make selections regarding the page size, orientation, and number of copies to be printed. To get back to the page that contains the VA Medications List, use the Return to List button.

How long are prescriptions held?

Unless the drug being prescribed contains a prohibited substance, a regular prescription is only good for a period of six months beginning on the day that the prescription was written. The following dates can be written on the prescription: The date that the healthcare provider who issued it signed it, or the date that the healthcare provider has stated the prescription should not be distributed before.

How do I add prescription access to CVS?

Your adult relative will need to add Prescription Management and authorize you as his or her Rx Caregiver before you can begin managing prescriptions for them. To get started, navigate to the Family Prescription Accounts section of the Pharmacy page, select the box labeled “Add an Adult,” and then proceed through the on-screen prompts.

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