How Do I Sign Up For Walmart Pharmacy Text Alerts
Android operating system instructions – Launch the Walmart Wellness app on the portable device you’re using. Medications on Hand (bottom menu). Tap the name of a drug (below “Your med list”). Select the tab labeled “Refill Info” (top right). To set a new reminder: Tap Set Refill Reminder .

  1. To make changes to a previously created reminder: Tap the present reminder on your device (e.g.
  2. Every 30 days).
  3. You may choose the date (“Remind me on”), the time (“At this time”), and the frequency (“Then again every”) to get a one-time only reminder, or you can hit None.
  4. Tap Done .
  5. Tap DONE to save.
  6. Tap the X that is located to the right of the reminder time in order to delete an existing reminder.

Tap OK to save. At the time and date that you specify, a reminder will appear in the form of a push notification on your mobile device, telling you that it is time to reorder your prescription. You may get additional information about the Wellness app by going to the Walmart Wellness Help Center.

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How do I get text notifications from Walmart Pharmacy?

When your prescription is ready, you will receive a text message from us. You will receive helpful SMS notifying you of the charges three and seven days after your prescription is ready. You are free to join at any moment or leave at any time. Send RX to the number 63257 or give us a call at 1-866-575-4108.

How do I get restock notifications from Walmart?

Managing Prescriptions with the Walmart App

There is a notification on stating that the item you are looking for is now unavailable; however, there is a button right next to that notification that may be clicked on to receive a “In-Stock” alert. Simply enter your email address, and Walmart will send you an email as soon as they get a shipment in your account.

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