How To Draw Anime Eyes

Are anime eyes realistic?

What is the difference between realistic eyes and anime eyes? – If you watch the video above, you will note that there are several! Let’s go over some in brief:

anime eyes tend to be bigger, whether horizontally or vertically, and overall take up more head space realistic eyes have very unpredictable reflections (if any), whereas anime eyes will usually have a consistent eye light (or ‘reflection’) Realistic eyes have individual eye lashes detailed Realistic eyes have circular iris and circular pupil Anime eyes have a variety of iris and pupil shapes, but often are oval anime eyes are simplified and less detailed in regards to lashes and iris on the other hand, anime eyes tend to have more exaggerated highlights and shadows on the iris

Unfortunately when I was younger, just drawing an ‘anime style’ eye would have people looking over my shoulder and accusing me of drawing Sailor Moon! Nothing against Sailor Moon — I quite enjoyed Sailor Moon! But it was annoying that I was always accused of drawing ‘that’ instead of people just respecting that I was exploring a style and learning.

But many people are not artists or creatives, or don’t quite understand this idea of feeling something non-tangible out in this way. Don’t take it personally if someone does this and it discourages you or bothers you. Just keep going and keep drawing. Eye style is quite unique to specific genres of anime and manga — even specific time periods! If you compare anime eyes from the 1980’s to the anime eyes of the 2020’s, you will see a marked difference.

And I am just realizing that 1980 – 2020 is 40 years. Oh my god. That’s like half a century. Heck. With that in mind, has the style of realistic eyes changed very much? No! That is because realism is based on what exists, and anime style is an interpretation of that — a style.

Styles can be in and out of vogue, fashionable and unfashionable. Old and new. Remember that when you are drawing your anime stylized eyes — there are many styles to think about and there is no singular style that you need to adhere to. There are many! You can even put a star in the iris and it would be totally cool and modern.

Certain styles do tend to be favored by particular genres, though. Shoujo and Shounen series will often have very distinct and recognizable styles compared to, say, a more mature Seinen series. But don’t let that be a rule that restricts you. Do what you want.

How to make realistic anime face?

Step 6 – Drawing Semi-Realistic Anime Hair – Traditional vs realistic anime hair clumps Anime hair is generally drawn in pointy clumps. For more realistic looking hair you can still view it as a set of clumps but without the pointy ends. Instead leave the end of the clump “open” and draw some lines into these openings to give an appearance of hair strands. This will create a hair that is still fairly easy to draw but looks more realistic. Realistic anime hair drawing breakdown To better understand how to draw the hair it can also be very helpful to think of it as being split into tree parts (as shown in the example above):

Red – Front Hair Green – Side Hair Blue – Back/Top Hair

For drawing different types of more traditional anime hairstyles using this approach see: How to Draw Anime and Manga Hair – Female Realistic anime hair basic line drawing Keeping the above in mind start the actual drawing of the hair by outlining it’s overall shape and adding the open ended clumps as described above. Don’t add the smaller splits just yet. Realistic anime hair clumps drawing Once you finish drawing the major shapes of the hair you can then go ahead and add the smaller splits in between the larger clumps to give it a little more detail. Realistic anime hair drawing When you are finished you should have a drawing similar to the example above. For more on drawing anime hair you can also check out: How to Draw Anime Hair Blowing in Different Directions

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How to draw sad eyes in anime?

Step 1 – Draw the Outer Shape of the Sad Eyes – Sad anime eyeds outline drawing Begin the drawing with the outer shape of each of the eyes. For a sad expression make them narrower than normal and draw their bottoms in upside down curves (reverse of when the eyes are in their normal state). For drawing similar eyes with a neutral expression see: How to Draw Female Anime Eyes Tutorial Sad anime eyeds drawing spacing Space the eyes in a way where the distance between them is enough to fit another eye. This may change in some styles of anime and manga but generally is a good guide. For more on good drawing practices see: Beginner Guide to Drawing Anime & Manga

How to draw crying anime girl eyes?

Drawing Tearing Up Anime & Manga Eyes – Drawing anime eyes tearing up When you are drawing an anime character that is staring to cry draw the eyes squinted. Draw the bottom eyelashes/eyelids curved inwards and slightly lowered towards the outer part of the eye. Draw the top eyelashes/eyelids less curved than normal and also slightly lowered towards the outer part of the eye.

How can I look like anime?

Anime characters seem to have so much going on. They have a distinct look and lead such interesting lives. You may not be able to recreate everything from anime, but you can add a few things to your life to live like an anime character. Try learning something new every day, especially the basics of the Japanese language.

  1. 1 Learn something new every day. Anime characters are always learning something new, whether it is a skill that they use to face a problem or a life lesson that changes them. Start being more open to knowledge when it is available. Read more often or search the Internet to learn about a topic you don’t know well.
    • Learning a new skill or hobby is a great way to expand your abilities and have fun doing something you have never done.
    • Subscribe to a service that emails you a fun fact or interesting article each day so you don’t have to go out of your way to find new things.
    • Ask your friends, family, or strangers to tell you something interesting that they think you won’t know. Being curious is the best way to learn new things.
    • Try WikiHow, which is also an excellent way to learn something new every day.
  2. 2 Learn to understand and speak Japanese. Anime characters often speak Japanese, so learning the language is one of the most direct ways to live like an anime character. Use a language-learning service, watch teaching videos, or simply get an English-Japanese dictionary and begin memorizing words.
    • If you have the option in school or college, enroll in a Japanese class. Learning from a live teacher is often easier than learning alone.
    • If you watch Japanese language anime with subtitles, pay closer attention to pick up on words and phrases they use often. Write them down and double-check their meanings by looking up translations online.
    • Try Tofugu, Memrise, Drop, and Duolingo if you want to learn Japanese for free. WaniKani and Japanese Pod are also great sites and podcasts, and are really cheap! Rosetta Stone is not very recommended.
    • WikiHow has also a lot of articles about learning Japanese! Try the category Japanese and the articles Start Learning Japanese, Learn Kanji easily, and Learn Kanji.
  3. 3 Use your imagination more often. Anime characters are always faced with difficult situations. They use their imagination to solve those problems creatively. Spend time daydreaming. Think of new ways to do the things you have always done one way. Write stories or try to make up new inventions.
    • Using your imagination opens up unlimited creative potential, so you may start thinking or doing things you’ve never done before.
    • Imagination can be a fun way to pass the time, but it can also be a great way to solve practical problems. Use your imagination for both purposes. For example, daydream about what you would do on your perfect day. With chores, like washing the dishes, think of a new way to accomplish the task.
  4. 4 Explore the big questions of life. Anime characters spend a lot of time thinking about and discussing common themes like love, death, and purpose. Be more like an anime character by spending more time exploring these enduring ideas. Read about them and talk with your friends to gather as many perspectives as you can.
    • If any of your favorite anime characters mention books, people, or other things that have inspired them, check to see if those are real things. If they are real, look into them and see why the characters like them so much.
  5. 5 Speak to people confidently, Anime characters are confident and unafraid to speak their mind. Learn how to speak up for yourself rather than keeping quiet when you are criticized. Carry on a conversation like you have something important to say. When people ask what you think, give your honest opinion rather than saying what they want to hear.
  1. 1 Dress in bold styles. Anime is nothing if not flashy, so don’t be afraid to be bolder in the way you dress. Female anime characters often wear skirts and blouses that are unbuttoned at the throat. Guys often wear multiple layers, including a hoodie, or elaborate formal attire.
    • If you see an interesting outfit that you would normally be afraid to wear, buy it anyway and wear it knowing that you look good.
    • Take the look of one of your favorite characters and adapt it to fit what you like most. Overall, be confident about the outfits you choose.
    • Anime characters are not afraid to stand out for their crazy outfits. If it seems a little too outrageous, give it a try anyway.
  2. 2 Incorporate bright colors into your wardrobe. The worlds of most anime characters are filled with dazzling colors, so you can use them in your life, too. If you tend to stick with black, white, and grey, make a bold change in your wardrobe. You can even add some bright colors to your hair, like many anime characters have.
    • Use bright colors in other ways like painting your room in vivid colors, decorating with posters and objects with bright colors, and buying sparkly school supplies.
  3. 3 Experiment with makeup and hairstyles. Adding makeup and a new hairstyle to your look can significantly change your appearance. Look at your favorite characters and try to achieve their look. Take a picture of your favorite character’s hair to the salon and ask the stylist to cut it that way. Add elaborate eye makeup and bright lipstick, if appropriate, for a new look.
    • If you don’t typically wear makeup, this can be an exciting new step to take. Ask someone you know who is good at makeup to help you, or watch videos online that will teach you some easy techniques.
    • If you can’t cut your hair, try other ways of styling it. Braid your hair into long pigtails, spike it with gel, or put it into multiple ponytails.
  1. 1 Perform karaoke. A common tradition in Japanese culture, karaoke shows up frequently in anime. Find a friend with an old karaoke machine or a singing game on a game console and ask if they want to have a karaoke night. Find a local hangout that offers karaoke and sign up. Take a step out of your comfort zone and give it a try.
    • In Japanese culture, karaoke is often performed in a private room with friends rather than on a stage in front of strangers.
  2. 2 Go outside and have adventures. Anime characters don’t usually sit inside staring at a TV. If you spend a lot of time inside, start going outside more. Explore the woods behind your house. Go walk around downtown and meet strangers. Book a camping trip, hike a mountain, or travel to a faraway place.
    • Adventures don’t have to be planned down to the minute. You could just start walking or driving and see where you end up. It’s about going into the unknown.
  3. 3 Visit an onsen. Most anime characters end up at an onsen, or hot spring bath, at some point in their travels. If you live in Japan, an onsen shouldn’t be hard to find. Other places may take more searching. Anything similar to a hot spring or public hot bath will work. In anime and Japanese culture, these baths often require nudity.
    • Outside of Japan, you may not find a traditional onsen bath, but you could visit other natural hot springs and at least have a similar experience.
  4. 4 Develop a cosplay of your favorite character. Find a local Comic-Con or anime convention and design a cosplay costume for your favorite character. Act out the character’s personality with the other people you meet. If you can’t find a convention, invite a bunch of friends over for a cosplay party and have games that incorporate the characters.
    • Some ideas are for girls, cosplay as a cute anime girl and for boys, as Naruto or a character of Death Note.
    • Cosplay for your next costume party or other events where you get to dress up like a character. Try out different versions of the same character if you have more than one opportunity.
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  • Question Do I have to stop wearing black? Not at all. You can wear whatever you are the most comfortable in.
  • Question Can I cosplay with a group in the park, or does it have to be an organized event? You can cosplay anywhere, as long as you aren’t doing anything illegal or causing a disturbance.
  • Question Will people really think you’re crazy? That depends on how far you carry your behavior, and what the character you are emulating is like; some types of behavior is socially unacceptable or frowned upon in real life (even if it is acceptable in the anime). There’s also a difference between acting like a character and actually believing that you are that character-if you believe that you are that character, then people might think you are crazy.

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  • Pay attention to how the characters in your favorite shows act and mimic those behaviors. Be a great friend. Speak your mind. Find your passion.
  • Anime is not mainstream, so be prepared to go against the flow when you are living like an anime character.
  • Develop a bold personality that people will know and recognize you for.

Article Summary X Living like an anime character is all about trying new things and dressing in bold, bright colors, just like anime characters do. If you want to dress like an anime character, choose bright colors and bold outfits, like skirts, blouses, hoodies, or flashy, formal clothes.

Once you’ve found your anime look, get out of the house and explore your local area, talk to new people, and search for your next adventure! Try to learn something new every day by asking your friends and family about parts of their life you don’t know anything about. You can also learn a new hobby or talent to bring some excitement to your life.

Or, do some Karaoke with a friend, which is a common Japanese tradition. For more tips, including how to cosplay your favorite anime character, read on! Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 114,261 times.

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Can I make myself anime?

With an anime photo editor app like YouCam Perfect, you can try different anime character styles and give yourself an anime face with your own snaps. Its Magic Avatar instantly turns you into anime characters with Cartoon, Artsy, and Pop Art styles.

How to draw anime eyes squinting?

Drawing Squinting Anime Eyes – Anime eyes squinting When drawing squinting anime eyes draw the top eyelid lower down and draw the bottom eyelid higher up than normal. You can draw the top eyelid slightly less curved and change the curve on the bottom eyelid to be in the same direction as the curve of the top eyelid. Anime eyelid squinting positions Similar to the previous example in this one you can see the positioning of the eyelids in relation to the iris as the eyes squint.