Murders connected to Walt –

Tuco Salamanca : Killed by Hank in a shootout while he was searching for Walt and found Jesse’s car in Tuco’s hiding place. (” Grilled “) The Cousins : While at first they wanted to kill Walt, Gus convinced them to turn their revenge on Walt’s brother-in-law Hank. This resulted in Marco’s death at the hands of Hank and Leonel poisoned by Mike. Gale Boetticher : Shot by Jesse on Walt’s orders so that Walt and Jesse wouldn’t be killed and replaced by him. (” Full Measure “) Gustavo “Gus” Fring : Succumbed to injuries sustained in Hector Salamanca ‘s pipe bomb explosion; Walt supplied the bomb and orchestrated the assassination. (” Face Off “) Tyrus Kitt : Blown up by Hector Salamanca; Walt supplied the bomb and orchestrated the assassination. (” Face Off “) Gus’s 10 former employees : Murdered by Jack Welker’s Gang in prison on Walt’s orders. (” Gliding Over All “)

Dan Wachsberger Jack McGann Andrew Holt Anthony Perez Isaac Conley William Moniz Harris Boivin Raymond Martinez Ron Forenall Dennis Markowski

Steven “Steve” Gomez: Walt’s call to Jack Welker would indirectly lead to Gomez being shot to death by Jack Welker’s Gang, (” Ozymandias “) Henry “Hank” Schrader : Walt’s call to Jack would indirectly lead to Hank being shot in the head by Jack, despite Walt’s pleas for Jack to spare him. (” Ozymandias “) Andrea Cantillo : Walt let Andrea’s relationship to Jesse be known to Jack and his gang and her location was previously given by Walt. This information allowed her to be executed by Todd Alquist as punishment for Jesse trying to escape and to force him to cook again. (” Granite State “) Todd Alquist : After Walt shot all of the other members of Jack’s gang with the remote-activated M60 machine gun, Jesse took a distracted and horrified Todd by surprise and snapped his neck with his chains. (” Felina “)

Does Walter White ever die?

Walter White – The final life Walter White took on Breaking Bad was his own, with no better method than dying due to injuries inflicted by his own device. His demise isn’t actually shown, but the spinoff movie El Camino confirms Walt’s death through a news report. Walt knew the only way to protect his loved ones was to finally give in, and the Breaking Bad finale, “Felina,” finally showed him admitting his own mistakes and his selfishness.

Why did Walter White die in the end?

The death that needed to happen – Had Walt not marched to his death, he would have continued fighting for every ounce of power he could get. His family would have continued suffering — instead, they are able to achieve some piece in the wake of Walt’s death, Law enforcement has his body, no one needs to be further harassed.

  • This also ensures few questions as to his kids’ trust fund.
  • Walt’s death is not only necessary for the happiness of all those around him but for himself as well.
  • He had no control for so long in his life, with the threat of cancer taking away that final choice acting as an ultimate cruelty.
  • By bleeding out from a gunshot wound surrounded by lab equipment, he is able to go out on his own terms.

Another layer of absolution is added by Walt not even receiving the death he wants. Jesse’s refusal to shoot Walt rips control away from him, and displays the tortured addict’s own achievement of freedom. In the end, Breaking Bad is about freedom, control, and power — albeit, in ways no one, not even the protagonist, could have planned for.

Does Walter White die for good?

From the very start of the finale, clues that Bryan Cranston’s character Walter White would die on Breaking Bad were everywhere. First, there was the “live free or die” New Hampshire license plate on his car, and then the song that played as he starts up his car included the lyric “Maybe tomorrow a bullet may find me.” Just as the song suggested, Walt would die of a bullet wound shortly thereafter.

  • He sustained the injury in the chaos at the compound where a white supremacist group was holding Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and forcing him to cook meth.
  • In an attempt to right his wrongs with Jesse and get even with the men holding him, Walt showed up (finally) and rigged a hidden machine gun in his car trunk to go off at the push of a car key button.

It killed nearly all of Jesse’s captors. Jesse finished off Todd (Jesse Plemons) himself, and Walt personally shot Todd’s uncle Jack (Michael Bowen). From there, Jesse climbed into a car and understandably sped away from the nightmare he’d been living.

Walt, realizing that he’d been hit by one of the bullets, decided to die in the meth lab — surrounded by his beloved cooking machinery. The final shot of the show is Walt, eyes open, dead on the floor as the police arrive on scene. For a long time, fans speculated that perhaps Walt wasn’t dead after all,

There were all kinds of theories about why his eyes were open in the scene and how it meant his character might have survived. Cranston even stoked those theories from time to time in the years after the show. “Was there a coroner’s report? No. Was there a listing in the obituaries? No,” Cranston said during San Diego Comic-Con in 2018, according to the New York Post,

Maybe Walter White did get away with it.” However, as fun as the speculation might have been, the ultimate party line from both Cranston and Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is that Walt is 100 percent dead. In June, Cranston talked to Entertainment Tonight about the possibility that Walt could return for the Breaking Bad movie,

The actor mused that it would be a little challenging since his character’s not alive. “It could be! Could be a flashback, or a flash forward. I’m still dead, Walter White, I don’t know what ” And, in early October, Digital Spy reported that Gilligan confirmed Mr.

How does Jesse Pinkman die?

No, Jesse Pinkman does not die in Breaking Bad. He survives until the end of the show. Jesse Pinkman, one of the main characters in the television series ‘Breaking Bad,’ survives until the end of the series.

Who kills Hank?

Part 2 – Hank feigns a stomach bug to leave early, taking the copy of Leaves of Grass with him and suffers another panic attack. Later, he sneaks a GPS onto Walt’s car. Walt discovers the copy of the book missing and the GPS device, similar to the one used to track Gus, and confronts Hank.

  1. Hank asserts Walt is Heisenberg, but Walt neither confirms nor denies, only that his cancer has returned and by the time Hank can prove anything, he will be dead.
  2. Hank demands Walt to tell Skyler and the children to stay with him, but Walt refuses.
  3. Hank tries to talk to Skyler, but she stays silent about what she knows.

Marie learns some details through Skyler, but Hank still has insufficient evidence to go forward against Walt. Jesse is arrested and Hank tries to convince Jesse to speak out against Walt, but Jesse refuses, still angered over Hank’s prior assault. Walt crafts a DVD that appears to be a self-confession from Hank that he is Heisenberg, threatening to release it if Hank does not stop trying to interfere with his family.

  • Hank also realizes that his post-shooting physical therapy was paid for with Walt’s drug money, making him an accessory after the fact,
  • After a falling out between Walt and Jesse, Hank approaches Jesse and convinces him they should work together to take down Walt.
  • Hank initially tries to have Jesse meet with Walt while wearing a wire tap, but Jesse backs out at the last minute, fearing Walt will kill him.

Instead, Jesse suggests they target Walt’s money, which they know has been hidden as cash somewhere locally. After trying to locate it on their own, Hank has Jesse call Walt pretending to have found the money and preparing to destroy it. Walt takes off to the money, buried on the Tohajiilee Indian Reservation, and when he finds it intact, realizes Jesse has fooled him, and orders a hit on Jesse through Jack Welker ( Michael Bowen ).

  • Jesse soon arrives with Hank and Gomez, and Walt tries to call off the hit, preparing to surrender himself to Hank.
  • However, Jack’s Neo-Nazi gang arrive before then, and a firefight breaks out, which kills Gomez and critically wounds Hank.
  • Walt pleads to Jack to spare Hank’s life, offering his entire fortune to Jack.

Hank refuses to beg for his life and asks Walt how such an intelligent man could be too naive to see that Jack had already made his decision. Hank then tells Jack to do what he has to do and Jack kills him with a shot to the head. Jack’s men bury Hank’s and Gomez’s bodies in the hole Walt had stored his money, stealing most of it but leaving one barrel totaling approximately $10M for Walt.

The gang takes Jesse back to their compound as a slave to punish him for helping Hank and Gomez. Six months later, after Walt had fled the state with a new identity, he returns to make his amends, and gives Skyler the location of the bodies, knowing it will help her to plea bargain her case. Hank and Gomez are avenged that same night when Walt poisons Lydia Rodarte-Quayle with ricin, kills Jack’s crew with a modified M60 machine gun turned into an oscillating turret in the trunk of his car, activated by a set of car keys, and shoots Jack in the head execution style mid-sentence with his deceased right hand man’s,45 pistol, mirroring what Jack did to Hank 6 months earlier.

Walt lets Jesse strangle Todd Alquist to death before doing this, and afterwards has him escape, before dying from a bullet wound he received during the gunfire caused by a ricochet. Walt collapses on the floor with a look of contentment and satisfaction on his face, in the meth lab located in another building within the compound.

Does Walt Jr die?

Trivia –

A recurring joke among fans of the show is that Walt Jr. is obsessed with breakfast. This is because the majority of his scenes are with him eating breakfast with the family, and Walt Jr. always wanting to know what’s for breakfast. Walt Jr.’s Flynn alias was derived from actor Errol Flynn. Walt Jr. is the only main character to have never met Jesse Pinkman,

He answered the phone when Jesse called the house but Jesse stayed silent. (” Phoenix “)

Skyler White and Walter White Jr. are the only main characters to only appear in Breaking Bad,

Walter White Jr. and Todd Alquist are the only main characters who do not make an appearance nor are mentioned in Better Call Saul, While Skyler does not appear in Better Call Saul, she is mentioned in the season six episode, ” Breaking Bad “. With Todd Alquist’s prominent role in El Camino, this leaves Walter White Jr. as the only main Breaking Bad character who neither appears nor is mentioned in Better Call Saul nor El Camino,

RJ Mitte said the character is much like his real self since they are roughly the same age, have the same type of attitude, and “mostly like to be treated the same way”. Like the character, Mitte too has cerebral palsy, but a milder variation, and does not use crutches.

He stated he had to regress from his therapy to portray the character, staying up late into the night to slur his speech and learning to walk on crutches so his walking would not look fake. He drew inspiration from people having cerebral palsy he knew from Shriners Hospital, Shreveport, and named the fictional character Forrest Gump as his “representation”.

The website that Walt Jr. creates to collect donations for his father’s cancer treatment was put up as a real website in 2010, with the donation button linking to the National Cancer Coalition website (an organisation that seemingly no longer exists).

From April 2012, the donation button was changed to link to the NCC’s donation page, until August 2013 when the donation button was removed. However, it was put back up in September 2013, but the button now links to the AMC website. Gilligan had plans for Walt Jr. to be killed off early in the series, much like Jesse Pinkman.

Mitte even said that he himself wanted the character to be “bludgeoned and beaten to death”. However, like with Jesse, plans for Jr’s death were scrapped, and he ended up surviving throughout the remainder of the series. When conceiving the story for El Camino, Gilligan considered including Walt Jr.

2009 Dodge Challenger (” Cornered ” – ” Problem Dog “) 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser (” Salud ” – ” Fifty-One “) 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 (” Fifty-One ” – ” Ozymandias “)

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Why did Walt turn evil?

As much as Breaking Bad tried to say Walter White took a sinister turn due to cancer, his dark journey actually began after an act of kindness. In Breaking Bad, it’s explained that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) began cooking and selling meth and became Heisenberg because of his cancer diagnosis. He needed money so that when he died, he’d leave his wife, Skyler, and their kids with enough to pay for college and continue to live comfortably. But Walt was no murderer, not yet anyway, and he wrestled with his conscience when Krazy came to in the basement, restrained by Jesse’s bike lock around his neck. Jesse made it clear before he left that Walt had to do this because it’s what the business entailed – getting your hands dirty, removing evidence and pushing back against competitors,

Walt bonded with Krazy over the idea of families struggling to earn money, however, even going as far as to feed and share beers with him. In truth, Walt’s empathy kicked in, and he started thinking Krazy was just misguided and deserved a second chance. Sadly, after a sick, coughing Walt passed out and dropped a plate, shattering it to pieces, things took a dark turn.

When he put it back together after trying to throw it in the trash, he realized a shard was missing. He knew Krazy took it, and despite wanting to let the gangster go, he knew he couldn’t trust him anymore. When Walt approached Krazy to open the lock, he called him out right before he planned to strike, which led to a struggle that ended with Walt strangling Krazy to death. This was a huge turning point because, as Walt cried, he was hurt from the fact his kindness spat on. Not only did he take care of Krazy, but he was also going to free him. Had the events played out that way, Walt may never have followed the meth path and become Heisenberg,

Or, even if he did, seeing as Krazy was actually a DEA informant for Hank and Gomez, his empire might have been crushed before it ever took off. Ultimately, killing Krazy and realizing his humanity was a weakness is what played on Walt’s mind. He also saw that Albuquerque deserved a better brand of criminal in the narcotics trade, which had millions ripe for the taking.

And so, unafraid of getting caught or the repercussions, Walt did what he needed to do, becoming a criminal and monster to ensure his family would be left rich. KEEP READING: Breaking Bad Already Did F9’s Super-Magnet Stunt – Only MUCH Better

Did Skyler die in Breaking Bad?

What Happened To Skyler At The End of Breaking Bad – After being kept in the dark regarding Walt’s meth cook alias, “Heisenberg,” Skyler learned the truth in Breaking Bad season 3. With the tension already growing between them, Skyler demanded a separation. Rather than turn him in, Skyler elected to keep Walt’s double life a secret as the revelation would destroy the family.

She also convinced her husband to purchase a car wash to secretly launder the drug money. By season 5, Walt’s dealings got out of hand, putting the lives of his family in harm’s way. Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte) was especially distraught when Walt’s involvement in Hank’s (Dean Norris) death came to light. Walt went into hiding for a time, but he visited Skyler before his suicide mission.

What viewers last saw of Skyler was her staying with her children, clearly broken, vowing to build a new life. It was unclear what truly happened to Skyler and the rest of the White family since they were absent in the sequel movie El Camino, Walt left his wife with key intel to cut a deal with prosecutors in connection to her participation in Walt’s illegal activities.

Does Walter White get more evil?

He Turns Into Heisenberg – The main way in which Walt gets worse is because he actually stops being Walt. Initially, when he creates the Heisenberg alter-ego, this is something he uses and taps into when he needs to do something drastic and dangerous, using this other, darker side of his personality to make sure he can do it.

Does Saul Goodman die?

Warning: this story contains spoilers for Better Call Saul’s series finale, “Saul Gone.” “He’s like la cucaracha,” Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) once said of Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), comparing the criminal lawyer to a cockroach. But in the Better Call Saul series finale set after the events of Breaking Bad, Jimmy McGill (Odenkirk) does what neither show could ever do: kill Saul Goodman.

In a courtroom confession, the ex-lawyer cops to the crimes of meth kingpin Walter White (Bryan Cranston), resulting in an 86-year sentence in federal prison, But it’s James McGill — not Albuquerque conman Saul Goodman, and not fugitive Cinnabon manager Gene Takovic — who owns up to the chicanery that led to the deaths of Chuck McGill (Michael McKean) and Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian).

Saul Goodman dies in that courtroom — but only figuratively. In an interview with The New Yorker, Vince Gilligan, who co-created the Breaking Bad spinoff with showrunner Peter Gould, revealed the creators never considered ending Better Call Saul with Jimmy/Saul/Gene’s death.

Is Walter White the villain?

Why Walter White Is Worse Than (Almost) Everyone In BCS – Better Call Saul, with its Walter White cameos, showed that Walt was far worse than all the villains on the show. In Breaking Bad, His crimes, legal and moral, were more treacherous and insidious than anything figures like the Salamancas and Gus Fring did.

His fake confession tape, which directly lay the blame for his drug ring and murders on his brother-in-law Hank, was brilliant, but ruinously manipulative. He threw his own family under the bus to prevent Hank from reporting him to the DEA. When Jesse’s girlfriend Jane was overdosing and began to choke on vomit, Walt had a choice, and chose to watch her die because it suited his agenda.

The poisoning of six-year-old Brock was done purely to coerce Jesse by turning him against Gus. His abuse of his wife Skyler, with gaslighting, assault, harassment, and emotional blackmail, demonstrated that not even his loved ones were safe from him.

He involved himself with Neo-Nazis to further his plans, and he bombed a nursing home just to kill Gus Fring. Every one of his bad acts were in service to his ego, and the bigger that became, the greater his depravity. Better Call Saul shows Walter White was not an antihero – something that can be harder to see in Breaking Bad, as viewers begin with his sympathetic origins.

He was a villain, and worse than every other villain in Better Call Saul because it wasn’t about business, as it at least was with Gus Fring. It was personal. He committed atrocities because it suited him, no matter who the victim was. In Breaking Bad it was easy to lose sight of how dark Walt goes, even up to the end, but in Better Call Saul, with just a few scenes, it became apparent that he was the worst one of them all.

What episode does Skyler White die?

Felina (Breaking Bad)

Episode no. Season 5 Episode 16
Directed by Vince Gilligan
Written by Vince Gilligan
Featured music ‘El Paso’ by Marty Robbins ‘Baby Blue’ by Badfinger

What is Jesse Pinkman’s mental illness?

Breaking Bad: Jesse Was Secretly Betrayed By One Of His Closest Allies – IMDb Warning! spoilers ahead!Throughout, series’ deuteragonist Jesse Pinkman arguably suffers more than any other character, and it may be because of one unexpected betrayal. : Client Development reveals which of Jesse’s friends helped put him down a path of heartbreak and pain.

  1. Was a drama series that aired on and features Walter White, a chemistry teacher dying of cancer, who turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in order to provide for his family.
  2. To help in his criminal escapades, Walter ropes in an old student, Jesse Pinkman, as his business partner.
  3. Throughout, Jesse finds himself constantly suffering as a result of his involvement in Walter’s business.

He’s beaten, nearly killed multiple times, imprisoned, and suffers severe anxiety and depression as a result of his experiences. Throughout the entirety of, things only get worse for Jesse before they ever get better. : Breaking Bad: Jesse Was Secretly Betrayed By One Of His Closest Allies – IMDb

Does Walter get Jesse killed?

Warning: If you have not seen the series finale, there are major spoilers ahead. The “Breaking Bad” finale was probably the best ending to the series we could have asked for. We were equally dreading and anticipating the series’ finale Sunday evening. While we were excited to know the fate of Walter White, his family, and Jesse, we were nervous that the series may not live up to the expectations of being called one of the “best TV shows” ever.

Previous big finales — “The Sopranos” and “Lost” — have left fans at odds, so we were half expecting a big controversial ending to come out of “Breaking Bad” as well. But creator Vince Gilligan sent the AMC series off with a bang — or a few, literally — delivering an ending deserving of our favorite anti-hero.

It wasn’t sappy. It wasn’t over-the-top. It was just perfect, From payback to the ultimate sacrifice, Walt went out firing on all cylinders. H ere’s what made the “Breaking Bad” finale one of the most satisfying hours of television we’ve ever seen.1. Walt terrorizes Elliott and Gretchen.

  • Walt didn’t kill his former business partners.He did one better.
  • Walt got the best of them by asking them to give the rest of his meth fortune away to Walt Jr.
  • On his 18th birthday.
  • Scaring the pair into thinking he hired gun men to hunt them down if they didn’t do his bidding was just an extra.
  • We have to admit, the reveal below was one of the most unexpected moments of the series, and we loved it.) “He knows he would kill them if they resisted or fought him in any way,” says Cranston.

“But I don’t want to do that because the important agenda is to frighten them into doing my bidding – to get this money to my family.” We still see Walt’s pride get the best of him when he adds that Gretchen and Elliot must “. use my money. Never yours, Gilligan is all about details. So it was satisfying (and a slight relief?) to see Walt didn’t actually hire hitmen to guard watch over his old friends, but instead enlisted the help of Jesse’s friends — with lasers — to aid in his brilliant scheme.3. Walt finally admits to Skyler that he didn’t start cooking meth for the family.

  1. He did it for himself.
  2. I did it for me.” said Walt.
  3. I liked it.
  4. I was good at it.
  5. And, I was really I was alive.” Telling himself that he was cooking to benefit his family was the ultimate lie — and even he believed it for a little while.
  6. Walt was all about making a name for himself and leaving behind a legacy.

So when he finally comes clean with his wife, tells her the truth about Hank’s death, and leaves her with the burial site of Hank’s body, he gives Skyler the closure she needs to move on while seeing his children one last time.3. Walt uses the ricin — on Lydia! We saw this coming! A meticulously planned out, untraceable death given to the person who believed she was the most dubious and calculating made the most sense. The best part? Walt getting to speak to Lydia on the phone so she knew he got the best of her in the end.4. The M60 machine gun used and oh was the result wonderful. This was a great throwback to the science of the show and also the former tactics Walt used against his former enemies (Tuco, Gus). There was no way Walt — a man on his deathbed — could physically go head to head with Todd’s uncles. A remote controlled machine gun blasting through the wall annihilating the entire crew was genius. Gilligan admitted in an extra that when they first introduced the weapon, he had no idea how it would fit into the end. “When we first planted the seed of this M60 machine gun 16 episodes ago, we didn’t know exactly A. How it was going to be used or B. Who it was going to be used on. Uncle Jack didn’t even really exist at that point.” 5. Walt decides to save Jesse! Admittedly, Walt was never planning on saving him. It’s not until Walt looks his former student in the eye and sees him beaten, broken, and in chains that he realizes this isn’t what he wanted for him. Even Gilligan himself admits that until that very moment, Walt was going to kill Jesse along with the rest of them, 6. Todd gets taken out Jabba the Hutt style Todd has gotten creepier and creepier as the series progressed. From killing an innocent boy on a motorcycle to thinking he could make a life with a woman years beyond his age to enslaving a man into making meth for him. It was fitting that Jesse got revenge on Todd.7.

  1. Jesse gets his happy ending This is as happy as “Breaking Bad” is getting.
  2. Previously, we thought it didn’t make sense for Jesse to live.
  3. After seeing the man become so broken it appeared he had nothing left to live for.
  4. Even during his showdown with Walt, we were afraid Jesse may take his own life unable to live with all of the death and pain that has surrounded him.

Jesse’s been used to taking orders from his former teacher, so when Walt finally gave Jesse the option to kill him and he refuses, the choice is his. Not Walt’s. That’s what allows him to walk out of there a free man. Last word: In the end, it wasn’t the cancer that killed Walt. He was killed trying to save Jesse. Instead, we see Walt — our own Ozymandias, king of kings — live out his final moments, looking upon the legacy he built. Though a different man, he left the series as we met him wearing a similar outfit, in a makeshift lab, and with a full head of hair.

There’s even a nod to the gas mask from the opening episode. Walt ended his life on his own terms. He went out doing what he loved, feeling alive, rather than as a school teacher and part-time car wash employee. He always ragged on Jesse in chemistry class for not reaching his full potential, but it took 50 years and a diagnosis of cancer for Walt to reach his.

So be it that that ended up coming in the form of a meth drug lord. Best line of the episode: Walt: “Elliott, if we’re going to go that way, you’re going to need a bigger knife.” What did you think of the finale? Did you think it was ending fitting of Walter White? Favorite moments? Sound off in the comments below. See Also:

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Was Hank’s body ever found?

How did Hank Schrader factor into the finale? – After being arrested inside a dumpster with the last of his money submerged in the trash, Saul has to answer for his Breaking Bad crimes to not only the U.S. government’s lawyers but also one of the people he hurt: Marie Schrader (Betsy Brandt).

  • The last time we see Schrader is in the Breaking Bad series finale “Felina,” where she’s frantically advising Skyler White (Anna Gun) to be on the lookout for her wanted husband, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), who is back in town.
  • This comes after she overhears Walt threatening Skyler on the phone with the revelation that she’ll never see Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) again because he crossed him.

Marie got the painful answer to her husband’s whereabouts but never got the chance to confront any of the people who had a hand in his death until Better Call Saul, In an episode centered around Saul coming to terms with his misdeeds, Marie meets the legal mind behind the meth empire that killed her husband for the first time at his plea negotiation. AMC

Is Hank the villain?

Hank Is The Hero – Breaking Bad is one of the rare series that features a villain as a protagonist, Whereas Walt is evil, Hank is good. For all intents and purposes, he is the hero of the show. He truly believes he is changing the world for the better by working for the DEA and he truly cares about his family, even though his relationship with Marie had its ups and downs.

Who killed Jack in Breaking Bad?

Biography – Jack Welker first appears when his employer, Walter White, requests he arrange the murder of nine prison inmates within a 2 minute window spanning several different prisons – as all the inmates were witnesses to Walt’s involvement with drug kingpin Gustavo Fring and the latter’s murder.

  1. Despite Jack’s original skepticism of the plans’ success, he accomplishes the task.
  2. Later on, he personally takes part in the murder of New Mexico meth kingpin Declan and his associates at the instruction of criminal fence Lydia Rodarte-Quayle ; this was part of Jack’s scheme to make his right-hand man and nephew, Todd Alquist, the sole meth cook and to take over Declan’s territory.

Henceforth Jack later decides to expand his gangland their criminal operations by usurping Walt and taking over his drug empire in an elaborate coup. Soon enough, Walt calls Jack and his gang to have them assist him in killing Jesse Pinkman, his former partner.

However, Walt calls off the hit after seeing that his DEA brother-in-law Hank Schrader and the latter’s partner Steven Gomez are with Jesse, intending to arrest Walt for his crimes. However, Jack ignores the call-off and comes anyway. Once the gang arrives, Walt again begs them to not go through with it.

This falls on deaf ears and Kenny opens fire, causing a shootout to ensue between the two federal agents and Jack’s gang. In the end the gang prevails as Gomez is killed and Hank is crippled. Jack prepares to execute Hank when Walt intervenes by pleading for Hank’s life, but Hank shuts him down by stating that Jack “made up his mind 10 minutes ago”.

  1. Hank then accepts his fate before Jack shoots him in the head, killing Hank in front of a horrified Walt.
  2. Immediately afterwards, Jack and his gang proceed to steal most of Walt’s fortune and they leave him with only a fraction of what he had accumulated through his vast drug empire.
  3. Walt then allows Jack and Todd to take Jesse captive by exposing the latter’s location.

Subsequently Jack and Todd take Jesse as their slave and manage to ensure his cooperation by revealing the extent of their ruthlessness – such as when Todd kills Jesse’s ex-girlfriend Andrea in front of him and threatens to do the same to her son Brock should he not fully comply.

  • Jack and Todd then threaten Walt’s wife Skyler and their children, Walt.
  • Jr and Holly, should she reveal any information about them or Lydia to the police.
  • Walt eventually emerges from hiding after being the subject of a nationwide manhunt.
  • He contacts Todd and sets up a meeting with Jack and his gang, seemingly to discuss business.

Once Walt is cleared to drive up to their main clubhouse in their hidden compound, Jack greets him inside and reveals that he intends to kill Walt, as he is too much of a liability and of no real use to them. Walt taunts him and accuses him of “partnering” with Jesse to make meth, which angers Jack for this in effect attacking his integrity.

Jack then has Todd bring Jesse into the room to show Walt what he has turned Jesse into, essentially a beaten and broken slave. However unbeknownst to Jack, Walt had smuggled in a remote controlled M60 machine gun in the trunk of his car. Walt then proceeds to tackle Jesse to the floor and activate the weapon, which kills all of Jack’s gang members and ends up injuring Jack personally.

Walt is hit by a stray bullet but successfully shields Jesse. Vomiting blood, a mortally-wounded Jack watches in horror as Todd is strangled to death by Jesse moments later. He thereafter attempts to crawl away from the carnage, but Walt intercepts him before picking up a pistol from one of his fallen gang members and aims it at him.

What happens to Skyler after Walt dies?

Skyler And Marie Might Have Broken Bad Themselves – When her life fell apart and Walt disappeared, Skyler lost her assets and moved in with her kids in a small apartment with a job as a taxi dispatcher. It was revealed that her sister, Marie, reached out for a truce, so it’s likely that the two reconnected shortly after the series finale.

  • Since they both lost their husbands in different ways, they only have each other to rely on.
  • Notably, Betsy Brandt’s Marie Schrader had a cameo in the Better Call Saul finale.
  • Being witness to how Saul Goodman so easily manipulated the courts, Marie — along with Skyler — may have given up on the straight and narrow path entirely.

It’s very possible that the previous events could have caused the two women to go down a very dark path. Breaking Bad ‘s often hated character Skyler showed that she’s willing to commit crimes if it benefited her family’s well-being. Her family and the safety of her family would always be her top priority.

  • Marie had issues with kleptomania in the past, so her dark state might’ve seen those urges resurface.
  • Even Jimmy’s final testimony in the Better Call Saul finale, which essentially redeemed the character, could’ve just inspired Marie Schrader to become a career criminal herself,
  • With that said, Skyler nor Marie would never go to the levels that Walt went to during his villainous stage.

As Walt Jr.’s sole surviving parent, she would need to provide some sort of stability for Walt Jr. and Holly. But without an appearance in El Camino or Better Call Saul, it’s hard to know what would have become of her exactly. Marie, on the other hand, got a more definitive ending that provides strong clues as to Skyler’s eventual direction.

Who did Walt poison at the end?

Breaking Bad’s Brock Poisoning Explained – Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan provided more details regarding Walt’s ploy at San Diego Comic-Con in 2013. The writers of Breaking Bad referred to the incident as Walt becoming the “Evil Juice Box Man,” imagining him injecting the poison into Brock’s juice box.

  • Off-camera, Walt had somehow planted the juice box in Brock’s lunch at school, making sure only he came in contact with it.
  • The rest of the plan involving the ricin stolen by Huell then played out on-screen.
  • Brock ultimately survived the illness and made a full recovery.
  • Walt later encountered Brock and seemed very uneasy around the young boy.

His actions have obviously caused a lot of guilt for how he used a child’s health to mess with Jesse. While Walter White had many breaking points throughout the series, many fans consider Walter White poisoning Brock as the moment Heisenberg really turned evil, dropping any remnants of the morality he once had and focusing on retaining power regardless of who he had to harm to achieve it.

  1. Jesse eventually put the puzzle pieces together and figured out that Walt was responsible, causing an enormous amount of turmoil between the two men.
  2. Jesse also confronted Saul Goodman, who admitted that he did help Walt but didn’t know that his intention was to poison a young boy.
  3. Later on, Walt himself admitted to Jesse that he poisoned Brock with a Lily of the Valley plant just to keep Jesse on his side in order for them to orchestrate the death of Gus Fring, but by that point, their relationship was already in shambles.

Shortly after, as Jesse was being dragged to Jack Welker’s Compound, Walter White also confessed to Jesse that he witnessed Jane Margolis die and chose not to intervene. After Walt let Jesse free in the Breaking Bad series finale, many thought one of the first things Jesse would do was find Brock and take care of him to honor Andrea.

  1. However, 2019’s El Camino gave Jesse Pinkman barely enough time to tie up loose ends and get a shot at the freedom after he was kidnaped by Jack Welker and the Neo-Nazis.
  2. Before escaping to Alaska, Jesse sent a letter to Brock, but the contents of the letter remains between the writers and Aaron Paul to this day.

Vince Gilligan originally planned to have Jesse read it as a voice-over, but later chose to keep its contents a secret, which is why El Camino didn’t reveal Jesse’s letter,

Is Walter Jr Autistic?

Concept and creation – Walt Jr. is portrayed by RJ Mitte and is the son of protagonist Walter White and his wife Skyler. When asked why so much of the character’s screen time is shown in scenes eating breakfast, creator Vince Gilligan commented that his “love of breakfast indeed seems to know no bounds”.

  • Walt Jr.’s Flynn alias was derived from actor Errol Flynn,
  • Mitte said the character is much like his real self since they are roughly the same age, have the same type of attitude, and “mostly like to be treated the same way”.
  • Like the character, Mitte too has cerebral palsy, but a milder variation, and does not use crutches.

He stated he had to regress from his therapy to portray the character, staying up late into the night to slur his speech and learning to walk on crutches so his walking would not look fake. He drew inspiration from people having cerebral palsy he knew from Shriners Hospital, Shreveport, and named the fictional character Forrest Gump as his “representation”.

  1. The website that Walt Jr.
  2. Creates to collect donations for his father’s cancer treatment also exists as a real website, and as of 2013 the donations made to this website were directed to the National Cancer Coalition.
  3. Gilligan had plans for Walt Jr.
  4. To be killed off early in the series, much like Jesse Pinkman,

Mitte even said that he himself wanted the character to be “bludgeoned and beaten to death”. When conceiving the story for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Gilligan considered including Walt Jr., feeling that his inclusion would have been great, but ultimately desisted from the idea due to his feelings that the film should focus only in the most important characters in Jesse’s life, which Walt Jr.

Does Skyler die in Breaking Bad?

What Happened To Skyler At The End of Breaking Bad – After being kept in the dark regarding Walt’s meth cook alias, “Heisenberg,” Skyler learned the truth in Breaking Bad season 3. With the tension already growing between them, Skyler demanded a separation. Rather than turn him in, Skyler elected to keep Walt’s double life a secret as the revelation would destroy the family.

  • She also convinced her husband to purchase a car wash to secretly launder the drug money.
  • By season 5, Walt’s dealings got out of hand, putting the lives of his family in harm’s way. Walt Jr.
  • RJ Mitte) was especially distraught when Walt’s involvement in Hank’s (Dean Norris) death came to light.
  • Walt went into hiding for a time, but he visited Skyler before his suicide mission.
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What viewers last saw of Skyler was her staying with her children, clearly broken, vowing to build a new life. It was unclear what truly happened to Skyler and the rest of the White family since they were absent in the sequel movie El Camino, Walt left his wife with key intel to cut a deal with prosecutors in connection to her participation in Walt’s illegal activities.

Is Walter White dead in Season 5?

Episodes – See also:

No. overall No. inseason Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers(millions)
Part 1
47 1 “” July 15, 2012 ( 2012-07-15 ) 2.93
In a, a ragged, bearded Walt, living under a different identity, has breakfast at a restaurant in Albuquerque on his 52nd birthday (a little over a year into the future). He pays for and receives a key from a patron, which he uses to open a car trunk containing an, In the present, news of the three deaths at the senior center Casa Tranquila spreads as Walt heads over to see his family. Walt uses a giant magnet to destroy evidence of his and Jesse’s activities stored on Gus Fring’s laptop in the police evidence lockup.
48 2 “” Vince Gilligan July 22, 2012 ( 2012-07-22 ) 2.29
A German businessman from Madrigal, the parent company of Los Pollos Hermanos, kills himself to evade questioning about his ties to Gus Fring. The DEA filters through various leads in hopes of finding something. In order to rebuild their lives and form a new profitable drug business, Walt and Jesse decide to look to Mike as a new partner. Mike refuses but soon learns that a Cayman Islands account Gus set up for Mike’s granddaughter has been frozen by the DEA. Skyler’s mental state continues to deteriorate due to Walter’s criminal activity. Madrigal executive Lydia Rodarte-Quayle hires an assassin to kill off Gus’ and Mike’s former employees who can incriminate her, including the latter. Mike thwarts this plan and almost kills Lydia, but relents and instead asks her to continue supplying methylamine to Walter White.
49 3 “” July 29, 2012 ( 2012-07-29 ) 2.20
Walter moves back into the house, to Skyler’s dismay. Walter, Mike, and Jesse meet with Saul to discuss finding a new place to cook. They use Vamonos Pest (a pest control business) as a cover, cooking in the houses that have been tented over. When it comes time to divide the earnings of their first cook, Walter is upset about the amount of money going to Mike’s former men, whose assets were seized when they were arrested.
50 4 “” August 5, 2012 ( 2012-08-05 ) 2.29
Lydia offers up her own employee to the DEA and Mike offers her a replacement: Jesse. Together, she and Jesse spot a tracking device on a barrel of methylamine. Mike believes she placed the device herself. Skyler ignores Walter’s birthday as her depression and frustration grow more severe. After Skyler has a mental breakdown, Walter admits to cooking again, and they argue about the safety of the children. Skyler tells Walter she’s waiting for him to die and decides that the children are safer staying with the Schraders. Meanwhile, Hank gets a promotion to ASAC.
51 5 “” George Mastras August 12, 2012 ( 2012-08-12 ) 2.48
After Walter bugs Hank’s new office and Mike learns he was wrong about Lydia placing the tracking device, the team works through several ideas to obtain methylamine from another source. They decide on a train heist, with Todd, a Vamonos Pest employee, assisting in the operation. The heist goes almost as smoothly as planned, but Todd notices a young boy stopping by on his dirtbike and witnessing the operation. Having been told by Jesse that no one should find out about the heist, he immediately shoots and kills the boy, much to Jesse’s horror.
52 6 “” August 19, 2012 ( 2012-08-19 ) 2.81
Following the boy’s killing and new developments with the DEA, Jesse and Mike decide to quit. Mike strikes a deal to sell the methylamine to another drug dealer, Declan, but Walter refuses to cooperate. Walter invites Jesse to his home and confides to him his regret about selling his share of Gray Matter and his plans to build another empire. Skyler returns home; the three dine together at Walter’s request, during which Skyler openly discusses her affair. Afterward, Walter discloses to Jesse that Skyler is awaiting his death, and that the meth business is all he has left. Walter steals the methylamine from Mike to sabotage the deal with Declan. When Mike finds out, he threatens to kill Walter, but the latter suggests he can strike a better deal that would let him keep the business running.
53 7 “” Thomas Schnauz August 26, 2012 ( 2012-08-26 ) 2.98
Walter, Jesse, and Mike meet with Declan so Walter can negotiate a deal: Declan will distribute Walter’s meth. Jesse still wants to quit the business, so Walter employs Todd as his assistant. Told to end his pursuit of Mike, Hank instead follows Dan Wachsberger, the lawyer who is laundering Mike’s money. After Jesse demands his cut of the deal so he can leave, Walter attempts to manipulate him into staying and refuses to pay him. Dan gives in to the DEA, but Walter finds out and warns Mike. When they meet, Walter demands that Mike tell him the names of the people in prison whose silence Mike has been paying for. Mike refuses and berates Walter; telling him they could have kept working for Gus Fring if Walter hadn’t ruined that with his pride and ego. Insulted, Walter shoots him in a fit of anger. Horrified by his own action, he realizes he could have gotten the names from Lydia. The two watch the sunset on the riverbank as Mike succumbs to his wound.
54 8 “” Michelle MacLaren September 2, 2012 ( 2012-09-02 ) 2.78
Walter meets with Lydia to obtain the names of Mike’s associates. Lydia partners with him to expand his distribution overseas to the Czech Republic. Walter takes the names to Todd’s uncle, Jack Welker, who has ties with prison gangs. Mike’s lawyer and the nine prisoners are killed under Walter’s orders. The meth production runs profitably for months. Skyler makes another effort to convince Walter to give up his criminal life, and Walter ultimately relents after realizing they now have more money than can even be counted. Walter visits Jesse to pay him his cut of the deal with Declan, Jesse expects Walter came to kill him and sighs in relief. The Whites’ children move back in. During a family cookout, Hank flips through in Walt’s bathroom and sees the dedication from Gale Boetticher. He realizes that Walt is Heisenberg.
Part 2
55 9 “” Peter Gould August 11, 2013 ( 2013-08-11 ) 5.92
In a, Walter arrives at his dilapidated and fenced-off abandoned house to retrieve a hidden vial of ricin. In the present, Hank requests all files of the Fring case and matches the handwriting in Walter’s copy of Leaves of Grass with that of Gale. Meanwhile, Jesse throws his money away in a residential neighborhood. Walt’s cancer returns and after a chemo treatment, he finds his copy of Leaves of Grass missing. Walt immediately searches for and finds a tracker on his car, suspecting that Hank has now uncovered the truth. Walt confronts Hank, who accuses him of being Heisenberg. Walt warns Hank to “tread lightly”.
56 10 “” Michelle MacLaren Thomas Schnauz August 18, 2013 ( 2013-08-18 ) 4.77
Hank reaches Skyler before Walt. He attempts to obtain a statement from Skyler, but she refuses to talk. Skyler also refuses to say anything incriminating when Marie visits, only saying “I’m so sorry.” Walter buries his money in the desert at the, Lydia, facing pressure from her Czech Republic customers, tries to convince Declan to use Todd as his chemist. When Declan refuses, Uncle Jack’s gang kills him and his associates and takes the meth production equipment. Hank, unable to obtain information from Skyler or Walt, returns to his office at the DEA to learn that Jesse is being detained and questioned.
57 11 “” Michael Slovis Gennifer Hutchison August 25, 2013 ( 2013-08-25 ) 4.85
Jesse refuses to cut a deal with Hank. At an arranged meeting in public, Walt, Skyler, Hank, and Marie try to negotiate. When Walt’s attempts to negotiate with Hank fail, he leaves Hank and Marie with a DVD of Walt implicating Hank as the mastermind of the methamphetamine business. Walt offers Jesse money to leave town for good and assume a new identity. Jesse agrees until he realizes that Saul took the ricin cigarette from him so that Walt could frame Fring for poisoning Brock. Jesse flies into a rage, breaks into the White home, and douses it with gasoline.
58 12 “” Sam Catlin Sam Catlin September 1, 2013 ( 2013-09-01 ) 4.41
Walt finds Jesse’s car crashed in his driveway and his house unoccupied and doused in gasoline. He leaves a message on Jesse’s voicemail to meet in order to explain himself. Skyler pushes Walt to kill Jesse. Hank is revealed to have stopped Jesse from torching the Whites’ house. Jesse agrees to cooperate with Hank, who videotapes Jesse’s confession. Jesse goes to meet Walt while wearing a wire. He instead calls Walt, refusing to meet and threatening to “get him where he really lives.” Walt calls Todd to say he has another job for his uncle.
59 13 “” Michelle MacLaren George Mastras September 8, 2013 ( 2013-09-08 ) 5.11
Walt calls Todd to negotiate a hit on Jesse. Todd’s uncle, Jack Welker, agrees on the condition that Walt cooks one more time so that Todd can observe him. Hank attempts to learn the whereabouts of Walter’s money through Huell, whom he detains; Saul reports Huell’s disappearance to Walt. Walt attempts to lure Jesse out of hiding by having Andrea call him, but Hank intercepts the message. Aware that Walt has buried his money somewhere, Hank stages a photo to convince Walt that Jesse found the money. Walt panics and frantically drives to To’hajiilee, where the money is buried, pleading with Jesse by phone not to burn the money, and unintentionally confessing to various murders. Walt calls Jack and demands that he and his crew come to his rescue. Upon seeing Hank and Gomez with Jesse, however, he orders them off. Walt surrenders, but Jack and his crew arrive. A shootout ensues between Jack’s crew and Hank and Gomez.
60 14 “” Rian Johnson Moira Walley-Beckett September 15, 2013 ( 2013-09-15 ) 6.37
Jack and his team remain unscathed while Agent Gomez lies dead and Hank has been shot in the thigh. Walt begs Jack not to kill Hank, offering Jack $80 million in cash in exchange for Hank’s life. Nonetheless, Jack executes Hank and his men dig up all seven barrels, leaving one for Walt. At Todd’s suggestion, they take Jesse hostage in order to get information from him about how much he told the DEA. After being beaten and tortured for information, Jesse is forced by Todd to help him cook meth. Marie tells Skyler that Hank has Walt in custody, and Skyler agrees to tell the truth to Walt, Jr. When they return home, they find Walt packing and insisting the family leave immediately. Realizing Hank is dead, Skyler attacks Walt with a knife; Walt, Jr. defends his mother in the ensuing fight and calls the police on Walt, who escapes with Holly. After taking full responsibility for the meth business during a call to Skyler that is monitored by the police, he leaves Holly at a fire station and assumes a new identity through Saul’s contact.
61 15 “” Peter Gould Peter Gould September 22, 2013 ( 2013-09-22 ) 6.58
Assisted by Saul’s contact Ed, Walt relocates to a cabin in while Saul, After being interrogated by the DEA, Skyler is threatened by Todd not to talk about Lydia. Jesse tries to escape from the Aryan Brotherhood’s compound but is caught. As punishment, Jesse is taken to Andrea’s house in a van and forced to watch Todd murder her. Walt calls Walter, Jr. from a pay phone in a bar, but Walter, Jr. gets enraged and hangs up the phone after wishing death upon his father. Walt then calls the DEA to turn himself in. While sitting at the bar, Walt watches interview Elliott and Gretchen and becomes incensed when they deny the significance of Walt’s contributions to Gray Matter. The police soon encircle the bar, but Walt has already left.
62 16 “” Vince Gilligan Vince Gilligan September 29, 2013 ( 2013-09-29 ) 10.28
Walt locates Gretchen and Elliott and gives them $9,720,000 to give to Walt, Jr. when he turns 18, threatening that he has hired hitmen who will kill them should they fail to do so, who turn out to be Badger and Skinny Pete with laser pointers who Walt paid to intimidate Gretchen and Elliott. He then crashes a meeting between Lydia and Todd, putting the ricin in Lydia’s, He visits Skyler and gives her the coordinates of Hank and Gomez’s burial site, imploring her to use it to bargain for a plea deal. He then drives to the Aryan Brotherhood’s headquarters with the which he has in the trunk. When Jack brings Jesse in from cooking to show him to Walter, Walt tackles Jesse to the ground and triggers the M60, which mortally wounds Walt and kills everyone else, except for Todd, whom Jesse strangles to death, and Jack, whom Walt shoots in the head. Jesse refuses to shoot Walt, though Walt asks him to. When Lydia calls Todd, Walt answers and informs her within earshot of Jesse about the poisoned stevia. Walt and Jesse acknowledge each other one final time before Jesse escapes in, crying in joy. As he succumbs to his gunshot wound, Walt spends his last moments gazing around the meth lab before suddenly collapsing and dying. The police find his body in the lab moments later.