How Many People Are In Hustlers University
Better Than Ever Community – Hustler’s University is a community of over 220,000 students who all strive to better themselves financially and physically, We have created a system to allow you to have easy access to mentors and friends to help you on your journey of self improvement and wealth.
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How much does Andrew Tate make off Hustlers University?

A lot of people already know the man I am talking about because he simply is all over social media. His name is Andrew Tate and I think he is a genius! Hate him or love him but he is changing the world in my opinion.
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How many people have left Hustlers University?

We want your help! If you have more information or a tip regarding Andrew Tate, contact [email protected], or reach us securely at, – According to a recent study conducted by investment bank Piper Sandler, the virality of Tate and his philosophies has been particularly potent for Gen Z.

  1. The study, conducted Aug.12 to Sept.23, from about a week before to a week after Tate was deplatformed from social media, found that he was the favorite influencer amongst US teenagers who participated.
  2. During Tate’s time as a contestant on Big Brother, he came under scrutiny for old racist and anti-LGBTQ tweets,

In one tweet he said, ​​”Fuck running the final if I wanted to see black people running id just threaten them with jobs.” (Tate’s father was Black, and Tate identifies himself as “half African-American” and a “person of color.”) In another tweet he said, “They are teaching gay issues to 7-yr old kids.

  1. BY LAW. A pure homosexual cannot reproduce, so they need your children for new partners.
  2. OK.” In August, the Guardian reported that Tate was under investigation for sex trafficking, following an April raid on his home in Romania.
  3. Authorities had been tipped off that a 21-year-old woman was being kept there against her will.

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that month, Tate said the incident was a case of “swatting,” in which someone calls authorities to another’s address without cause. However, the Guardian reported that the investigation is ongoing. (Romanian authorities did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment about the investigation.) Two days after that story was published, a viral Instagram post by influencer Matt Bernstein called for social media platforms to be held accountable for allowing the spread of Tate’s hateful and homophobic comments.

  • Hope Not Hate anti-racism campaigners also created a petition asking for the 35-year-old to be deplatformed for his “hate speech.” Shortly afterward, Meta removed Tate’s Instagram account for violating its terms.
  • TikTok and YouTube followed suit shortly after.
  • The rhetoric Tate has become known for shows up all over Hustlers University 2.0.

In a video at the end of a copywriting lesson, Tate says that carrying around a water bottle is “gay,” adding “​​I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that but it is.” In another, he says men should not waste their time cooking and should either order food “or instruct a female to provide some sustenance” so that they can “get back to world conquest.” Recently, BuzzFeed News asked our readers to tell us stories about how toxic male influencers like Tate have changed the behavior of men in their lives.

One 23-year-old woman said her boyfriend began agreeing with Tate; started making ruder, more misogynistic jokes; and began behaving in a selfish, sexually demanding manner. On Hustlers University 2.0, this rhetoric sits alongside claims that the courses can teach people to build income streams that don’t require traditional employment, the sort of content that has been typical for entrepreneurs and YouTubers during the rise of side-hustle culture.

“Traditional education creates employees. Our University turns you into the employer,” Hustler University 2.0’s site says. But what the site sells more than anything is Tate himself, the cliché of a successful former athlete turned business owner who spends endless money on private jets, expensive watches, and sports cars.

That cliché is potent. All over social media, members of Hustlers University 2.0 say the program and Tate have changed their lives. One person said he emailed Tate after being depressed, and to his surprise Tate responded. “Andrew Tate has personally saved my life and has drastically improved my relationship with my wife, who is seven months pregnant,” said Justin Hal in a YouTube video,

“I look up to Andrew Tate because listening to the Tate brothers has helped me out,” said influencer Sneako in a video, “I’m in a better position now.” One TikToker said he grew up without any good male guidance in his life, and “without Andrew Tate I don’t think I’d be in the position I am today.

I really don’t.” The school’s Discord also functions as a social media community where users post about their love of Tate alongside constant updates about their progress and photos of how much money they have allegedly made. There are several channels made for users to share their financial gains, which are referred to as “wins.” People also share screenshots of what appear to be bank deposits, with some claiming to have made thousands of dollars in a day, while others share photos of cash, expensive cars, and photos from trips they claim came from being part of Hustlers University 2.0.

There is a constant call from professors and other students to do push-ups, and people share videos doing them in channels called “Start Your Engine” and “Victory Zone.” At the start of the copywriting course, one instructor says: “For some reason, the students who do the most push-ups per day inside of this program are the ones who learn the fastest and are the ones who make the most money.” The Discord subchannels for each topic and class are constantly monitored by “instructors,” Hustlers University 2.0 support staff, and “apprentices” (students who have been elevated), but it’s unclear what qualifications are necessary to get any of these roles.

Through a representative, Tate did not respond to questions about the day-to-day running of Hustlers University 2.0.) The copywriting course is the most popular program at Hustlers University 2.0 because, unlike launching an e-commerce site or buying crypto, it doesn’t require money to begin implementing the skills learned.

There are 14 classes in the copywriting course, each taught through videos featuring an instructor and followed by a quiz. You cannot view the next lesson until you get all the questions correct. The course teaches things like how to write copy that sells your product, how to write an email, and how to mass email.

  1. Students are also taught that the core values of being a copywriter include the supposed “Top G” mentality, which includes saving yourself and believing you are “the fucking man,” among other things.
  2. During a class, one instructor said: “Inside the copywriting campus we live and breathe the Top G work ethic of ‘when I’m awake, I am working.'” Jack Persey said he first discovered Hustlers University 2.0 on TikTok through someone else’s affiliate marketing and signed up.

He then started creating his own affiliate content and made about £400 ($440) in just a few days. But he said the Tate-style content proliferating all over the program’s Discord — including mimicking his phrases, like responding with a “G” emoji to messages — became disturbing.

  • They always seem to talk like him on there,” he said.
  • If I had a kid I probably wouldn’t let them on it.” Another user on Reddit posted that, although he wanted the educational content, he ended up leaving the program because “the toxic masculinity was so overly aggressive.” Still, the majority of the video content shared on Hustlers University 2.0 is pretty standard for any online course that can be found on YouTube or SkillShare.

Persey said that, for the two months he subscribed, he tried the copywriting course and found it to be basic. “This is all information I could have found in a YouTube video,” he said, declaring that the monthly $49.99 price “for a Discord server is quite extortionate.” Charlie Lawrence, 30, runs a marketing agency and recently reviewed Hustlers University 2.0 for his 180,000 TikTok followers.

Like Persey, he told BuzzFeed News that he found the information to be very basic. “He’s called me a loser literally four times in the first 30 seconds,” said Lawrence in his review. He said if he had to rate Hustlers University 2.0, he’d give it a 0/10. But he acknowledged that he saw others who were inspired by Tate.

“People were buying into it trying to become successful like him, with the flash cars, jets, and houses,” he said. That drive to achieve similar success resulted in people using the most inflammatory videos of Tate to increase traffic to their own videos in order to encourage affiliate sign-ups, but those viral videos of his hateful rhetoric ultimately resulted in Tate getting kicked off platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • And then the affiliate commission dropped to 10%, and the program was later canceled altogether on Aug.20, the day after Tate was kicked off Facebook and Instagram.
  • At least 20,000 people unsubscribed within days from Hustlers University 2.0 in protest, according to one TikTok review,
  • During that period, BuzzFeed News saw messages within the Discord from users discussing the departure of members.

They speculated it was due to both the affiliate’s program being discontinued and the media controversy around Tate, calling them “quitters.” In fact, those who inquire about canceling their Hustlers University 2.0 membership are often ridiculed and insulted by support staff.

  • A staff member told one person looking to cancel to “be ashamed,” and other users then responded with an emoji of the rainbow LGBTQ flag.
  • But other users who have stayed said they’ve found it very helpful.
  • One of those is a man who identifies himself on social media as @ScottyHyperformance, 28, and said he owns two businesses, a trip comparison website, and a business consulting agency.

Scotty, who lives in Spain and is a current Hustlers University 2.0 subscriber, said he had completed the copywriting and crypto courses. “I personally think that the modern education system has failed us. And I think a lot of people like myself are looking for alternative ways than traditional forms of education like school and university,” he ​​said.

  1. He joined the program hoping to network with others like him: people focused on getting rich.
  2. I think that Tate is intelligent — he knows that part of the reason why he’s had such a meteoric rise is because he understands the psychology of going viral,” added Scotty.
  3. He said people want more “traditionally masculine” influencers like Tate.

“He’s saying very controversial things, which in turn has obviously struck a certain market — I’d say 14-to-19-year-old males,” Persey said. “Then they’re sort of going, oh, you know what, I get that viewpoint, he is saying things that no one else has got the balls to say, let me join his course and then maybe I’ll be rich and I’ll be like him one day.

  • People want to become like him.
  • Which is why I sort of moved on.” There seems to be no minimum age requirement to be able to join Hustlers University 2.0, so anyone with access to a bank card with money to spare — including their parents’ money — can presumably join.
  • In fact, an alarming number of users on the server are seemingly under 18 and legally not able to trade crypto or stocks, yet they’re populating chat rooms on the Discord trying to find ways of making money or some kind of direction.
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(Through a representative, Tate did not respond to specific questions regarding age requirements for Hustlers University 2.0.) And while so much of the content on the site is centered around winning, members of all ages share personal stories of their insecurities, grief, and feeling unaccomplished.

The channels are also teeming with requests for advice. One post seen by BuzzFeed News was by someone who said he was 13 years old and ready to quit school and “run off.” “I’m only in highschool, but am so sick of the life I have in the matrix. Every time we go to our class I feel like a sheep. Can anyone give me advice on what to do? I wanna live the life I’ve dreamed of, but idk if I’m able to before 18,” he wrote.

Someone else asked if they can use PayPal as a 14-year-old and a support staff member replied, “I am 14 and yes you can. If you get limited, just send your ID/Passport. They approve it and don’t even check your age.” Others also ask “the brotherhood,” as they call it, for help navigating their lives.

  • One man asked about how to best approach women in person after being dumped by a long-term girlfriend.
  • After receiving positive exam results from school, another person asked for advice on whether they should continue a traditional education or focus on Hustlers University 2.0 full-time.
  • Another opened up about the death of their beloved 2-year-old dog.

“Today was one of the hardest days of my life. A sad day is coming for us all, fuck depression and fuck sadness,” he wrote. One user, who said they were 17 years old, said their parents were making them cancel their subscription, and a staff member, who identified themself as 14 years old, replied with “2 choices.

  1. Stay here, apply the lessons, take notes and make money.
  2. Or Stay broke and live in the matrix, breathe within the matrix and run the matrix.” But something is shifting in Hustlers University 2.0.
  3. Over the past month, the site has been removing videos of Tate.
  4. When one member of the Discord asked where the missing Tate content had gone, an “apprentice” responded that “some of them have been taken down more recently to focus more on the best ones.” While Tate used to regularly post general news updates in the “Tate Speaks” channel on Discord, that channel was removed and now Tate is completely gone from the platform.

(Discord did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ request to clarify whether Tate was kicked off the platform or simply chose to leave.) Instead, people in Hustlers University 2.0 now screenshot and post Tate’s messages from Gettr, an uncensored messaging platform created by Jason Miller, an ex-aide to former president Donald Trump that is often used by right-wing conservatives and extremists.

  1. In early October, Tate announced that Hustlers University 2.0 will relaunch as The Real World on Nov.14.
  2. He promised it would be “the portal to escape the matrix,” with access costing new students $149 a month (the charge will remain $49.99 for current subscribers).
  3. This time, the platform will be Telegram, an encrypted messaging service that has attracted extremists in the past,

Tate has also seemingly set his sights on expanding his empire into the United Arab Emirates. He announced an Oct.15 event in Dubai titled “41 Tenets of Andrew Tate,” with tickets starting at $80, It was canceled after locals rallied against it on Twitter due to his negative comments about Muslims, but Tate has been in Dubai since mid-October and was filmed praying in a mosque,

Over the weekend, there was speculation on social media that Tate had converted to Islam. On Monday, he posted a confirmation on Gettr, along with an anti-LGBTQ video decrying the first known drag queen Methodist pastor. Tate’s personal website now links out to a dazzling advertisement for The Real World,

It opens with people talking about how much money they made in Hustlers University 2.0, before criticism of Tate appears — a TV news anchor reporting on him being banned from social media for his misogynist comments, a Daily Beast report about allegations of him being investigated for human trafficking, and influencers calling Hustlers University 2.0 a “pyramid scheme.” It shows snapshots of people canceling their subscriptions and calling him a scam.

And then, of course, a scene from Matrix Reloaded, The character Morpheus declares, “This attack is an act of desperation.” Get it? The backlash won’t stop Tate. “Hustlers University was Step 1 of our 3-Step Plan.‍ The Real World is Step 2,” declares the video. Most importantly, The Real World has “self-reliant infrastructure.” By that, Tate means tech platforms won’t boot him off.

The video claims there are no payment processors or “matrix controlled servers” and they are using alternative banking systems. “We will show you how to escape” it reads. “Join the resistance.” There isn’t a sports car in sight.
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Is Hustlers University 3.0 worth it?

Should you join Hustler’s University? – If you’re a big fan of Andrew Tate and eager to learn from him and his buddies, then I’d say Hustler’s University is a worthwhile investment for you, You’ll likely find some good tips, processes and mentors within the training and private community.

If you’re on the fence, trying it for a month only costs $50, which is pretty great value compared to all the other courses we’ve reviewed over the years. However, if Andrew Tate rubs you the wrong way, it’s probably best to avoid Hustler’s University. If you still want to learn any of the subjects the course teaches, I’d recommend starting with some low-priced courses – eg.

from Udemy – to test the waters.
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Is the real world like Hustlers University?

Is The Real World legit? – The Real World is legit and not a scam. It is simply the newest version of Hustlers’ University, although the content is the same. The course material is more valuable than it may seem. Each course teaches you everything you need to know to start a business in each business model. For the price of $49, you are getting your money’s worth.
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Has anybody made money from Hustlers University?

Is Hustlers University Legit? – Hustlers University is not a scam but it’s not super legit either, Andrew Tate is not an expert at making money online, at least not with the skills he claims to teach in the course. The most successful students made all of their money from promoting the course – not using the skills.
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What did Andrew Tate say?

Page 2 – Andrew Tate, one of the most controversial internet personalities out there, has captured the attention of middle and high school boys—and teachers say his offensive, violent rhetoric has made its way into the classroom this school year. Tate, a British-American former professional kickboxer, rose to fame in the last couple years through offering his mostly male fans advice on self-improvement.

  • The 36-year-old is also a self-described misogynist, comparing women to dogs, saying women shouldn’t be allowed to drive, and claiming that men have “authority” over their female partners.
  • He’s also argued that women should “bear some responsibility” for being raped.
  • And even though he was arrested in Romania in December on charges of rape and human trafficking, his influence might not be waning any time soon.

While Tate was banned from TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for hate speech last summer, fan clips of his videos still circulate on those sites, and he was reinstated on Twitter last fall after a five-year ban. Tate is currently in jail, but tweets from his account are still posted regularly.

Experts say preteen boys are particularly susceptible to Tate’s brand of toxic masculinity. Teachers across the world, including in the United States, have shared on social media that they’ve seen an uptick in male students repeating sexist vitriol in class to get a rise from their classmates and teachers.

“It’s concerning—these kids pretty much live online,” said Jordan Randolph, a middle school English teacher in Texas. “The younger boys, they’re so impressionable. They’re definitely at an age where they’re trying to figure out, what does it mean to be a man? What kind of man will I become? It seems like the whole Andrew Tate thing captures them.” Sometimes, her students will blurt out joking references to Tate, like his infamous retort, “What color is your Bugatti?,” as a way of bragging about their possessions.

But occasionally, the comments feel more pointed. Last semester, one 6th grade boy asked Randolph about Tate. She dismissed the question, saying it wasn’t appropriate to talk about at school. The next day, he raised his hand in the middle of an unrelated class discussion and asked again what she thought of Tate.

Randolph felt unsettled: “It was like he was using the question to upset me—almost like it was a weapon,” she said. “It honestly did upset me. I was like, ‘Why do you keep asking?’ He was like, ‘I just want to know what you think.'” She responded that he was inappropriate and a misogynist, and several of her other students started cheering.

“They were sick of hearing about it, too,” Randolph said. Sarah “Mili” Milianta-Laffin, a 7th grade teacher in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, learned about Tate from her female students who were disturbed that their boyfriends were watching his videos. Then, she started to notice a disturbing uptick in misogynistic rhetoric that she attributes to Tate’s influence.

“There’s been a huge increase in rape jokes that the boys are making,” she said. “I’ve been teaching for 17 years, and that’s not really a topic that comes up, especially in a joking matter.” Milianta-Laffin refers those students to a counselor, who informed their parents.

Typically, she said, families are “mortified—they don’t believe it’s their kid,” she said. “A lot of them are shocked to learn that this content is out there.” She doesn’t think her students are seeking Tate out, but rather, algorithms are introducing his content to them while they scroll TikTok or YouTube.

And they don’t have the social-emotional skills—particularly following pandemic-related school shutdowns when they weren’t in physical classrooms—to recognize how problematic the videos are, Milianta-Laffin said. “They don’t understand the severity of what they’re saying,” she said.
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Is Hustlers University still running?

I went inside Andrew Tate’s Hustler University – where ‘Gs’ celebrate making $11 “Hustler’s is the greatest thing that exists on the planet for people who are trying to escape the, I will show you how,” says, standing beside the world’s most expensive car, a Bugatti Veyron. “It makes it impossible to not make money”, adds a recent graduate. “When you’re surrounded by millionaires money just falls into your bank account”. “You are finally in the right place at the right time. You are the only person who can make this work. And you are also the only person who can f*ck this up”, says Tate, pointing at the camera. I paused the video. I had set up by the controversial, For the unaware, Andrew Tate is, who has gained notoriety over the years for peddling misogynistic views. Originally called Hustler’s University, his online course is sold as an “academy” where members pay a monthly membership fee in exchange for advice on how to make a passive income from several online industries. The course was rebranded to Hustler’s University 2.0, then 3.0 and then briefly shut down after Tate’s social media ban. It has since been relaunched, again, as “The Real World”. When you enter the site you are met with the slogan “Join us. Amass wealth. Escape Slavery.” After clicking through, you are asked to enter your bank details and “escape slavery” for £40 a month. Users are given a choice of online courses including cryptocurrency, e-commerce and drop shipping for Amazon – where you make money by acting as a middle-man between buyers and sellers without selling an actual product. A luxury vehicle which was seized in a case against media influencer Andrew Tate, is towed away, on the outskirts of Bucharest, Romania

  • The idea is members of the course will learn to make money through side hustles or having a passive income, where you can escape working the nine-to-five – or as Andrew Tate calls it, “escaping the Matrix”.
  • Tate frequently refers to the world of the Matrix, the alternate, fake reality of the Keanu Reeves film where computers control people through an intricate web of lies.
  • There is also the option of the “freelancing” course, where you are encouraged to make fake Tiktok accounts and post videos of Tate.
  • These videos, in turn, ask viewers to join “The Real World” with a small percentage of the course fee paid back for successful signups.
  • Newly enrolled members of the course repeat this process.
  • Despite being arrested for and being banned from multiple social media platforms, Tate’s misogynistic views continue to circulate – just a scroll away from anyone with a smartphone.
  • The “Real World” is run through the online instant messaging platform Discord, which has numerous channels where members of the course talk to each other about making money or their ‘big wins’.
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One member claimed he had as many as 1,000 fake Tate Tiktok accounts. Another said he had been posting videos of Tate on Instagram for months without success, until one of his videos eventually went viral and a viewer signed up to the course using his affiliated link. He posted his first “big win” into the Discord channel, as other members praised his achievement. “Thanks guys, we’re all going to make it,” he wrote. “I remember yesterday thinking I will never be like those guys that get views”. This first big win? $11. Police officers escort Andrew Tate outside the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) where prosecutors examine electronic equipment confiscated during the investigation in their case, in Bucharest, Romania If the claims of 200,000 paid users of the course are true, at £40 a month this would net Tate around £96m a year. Members are encouraged to keep their identities secret, so they address each other as “G”. Tate himself is referred to as “Top G”. At its centre, the cult of Tate is governed by his “41 Tenets for men” – a set of laws that are a framework for “any man to live a beneficial life”. Principles include believing “men have the sacred duty to raise strong, capable, and honourable sons”, while having the “sacred duty to raise kind, feminine and virtuous daughters”. Other tenets make vague assertions about free speech, honouring your ancestors, and protecting the sanctity of your bloodstream. Such dog whistling has inevitably attracted members of the far-right into the course. In one message board, where members ask Tate questions, one member asked: “When they kill you, do you want us to riot to attack the matrix and break it down? Or do you have any other plans in place for if they kill you?” In reference to Tate’s imprisonment in Romania, another posted “we soldiers need to help strengthen each other to prepare for the time when our commander comes back”. A man stands outside the Court of Appeal during the hearings for the Tate brothers

  1. Another devotee goes on to say, “Tate, first of all you are risking your life to fight the good fight against tyranny and we are all grateful for the opportunity you are giving us.
  2. “I recently became so obsessed with the money, the matrix, all the people who are responsible for it and all the puppets involved that I went into a self-induced psychosis and spent nearly a week in hospital.”
  3. On the fringes of the so-called Real World is a hodge-podge of misogyny, alt-right and conspiracy theory – where members think he is an arbiter of truth who is standing up against the “matrix”.
  4. However, it would appear that many members are not trying to overthrow the world order, but simply seeking a way to make money.
  5. Some ask Tate how to make enough to cover medical bills, make their rent or what they can do about their feelings of loneliness and depression.
  6. Misguidedly or not, in the toughest economic times in recent memory, supporters are placing their hopes on their saviour Tate to help them, and the desperation is clear.

“Hey top G,” one Real World user asks. “I live paycheck to paycheck from my mum and dad’s low salary and I’m just sick of it all. “I don’t want to live my life like that and I want to give back to my parents for their sacrifices and for my siblings.” : I went inside Andrew Tate’s Hustler University – where ‘Gs’ celebrate making $11
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Has Hustlers University closed?

Andrew Tate’s Hustlers University subscription program has closed, The Guardian reported. The program helped Tate gain millions of followers, according to the outlet. Tate is a kickboxer-turned-influencer and is known for his violent comments about women.
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How does Andrew Tate have money?

Startups – Andrew Tate is an investor in startups that have generated millions of dollars in revenue. He co-founded a television advertising company and allegedly used revenue from new clients to fulfill promises to old ones. Tate and his brother Tristan Tate then opened a webcam modeling business which made over $500,000 per month in profit.

  1. They’re also stakeholders in 15 Romanian casinos that generate $1,000,000 in monthly revenue.
  2. Finally, Tate owns the private network The War Room which has 4,000 members and generates over $18 million a month from the $4,500 fee.
  3. Andrew’s online educational platform The Real World has 200,000 students paying $49 a month and brings in almost $10 million per month.

He also owns a successful merchandise business that sells clothes, coffee mugs, and some popular nutritional products such as a testosterone booster, a multivitamin, and a nootropic supplement. With all of this, Andrew Tate’s net worth is comfortably in the triple-digit millions, and he can classify himself as a master risk-taker in the world of startup investing.

  1. Startups have had impressive performance as investments, offering potentially massive returns and the occasional 50x ROI.
  2. However, there are short-term and long-term risks associated with investing in startups.
  3. That’s why it’s important for investors to do their due diligence to assess the potential growth and sustainability of a startup’s business.

But if you know what you’re doing, investing in startups can be a significant opportunity to make money.
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Does Hustlers University work?

Updated on: 22 October,2022 12:27 PM IST | Mumbai BrandMedia Hustlers University, for those who don’t know, is a program meant to teach just about anyone how to make money online. How Many People Are In Hustlers University Unlike so many similar courses that promise riches beyond your wildest dream, Hustlers University focuses on providing real-world information that hundreds of students can and have been using to make money online. After hearing from dozens of people, many of whom had read negative articles about Andrew Tate and Hustlers University, We also ran into frequent student success stories.

  1. So, we took it upon ourselves to do some digging to uncover the truth.
  2. This review is based on our findings.
  3. What Is Hustlers University And How Does It Help You Start An Online Business? Hustlers University is the brainchild of entrepreneur and ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate.
  4. It is unlike so many other online business programs.

The university aims to teach students real-world skills needed to make money online. To date, the university claims to have several hundred students, many of whom have gone on to become millionaires. We also found that the university employs some of its star students from the early days as professors.

As the university is now in version 3.0, each new version brings updated coursework and material that students can use to take advantage of the latest opportunities available online. Hustlers University comprises campuses, hosted up until version 2.0 on Discord but has since moved to an independent platform.

The courses include video lessons and written material that Andrew Tate claims is updated. Campuses include: 1. Copywriting 2. Crypto 3. E-commerce 4. Stocks 5. Amazon FBA 6. Affiliate marketing Each campus is detailed and taught by a star professor proven to be the best in the business.

Is Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University Legit and Can It Help You Make Money Online? The next question our readers will probably ask after reading everything published online about the university is: is it legit? Can you trust the university to teach you skills or is it just a pyramid scheme? We enrolled in Hustlers University 2.0 because 3.0 isn’t public as of this writing; we paid the fee and started working through the courses to see if they discuss legitimate business ventures.

Here is what we observed: Structure – All courses are well structured, with tests after regular intervals. So, to pass and move to the next module, you must pass a test. Information – We spent time on Copywriting and basic affiliate marketing training, both of which we have sound personal knowledge of, allowing us to examine the quality of the content.

  1. We must say that the information is the best out there.
  2. The worksheets and data provided are unlike any other course we have reviewed.
  3. But it can take weeks to work your way through it.
  4. The affiliate marketing campus is particularly well structured in our opinion.
  5. The Professors – We also took the liberty to check out the profiles of the university’s professors.

We mainly Googled and found that all professors are, in fact, very successful in their respective fields, and as promised by Tate, they all make well over $10k a month. Two of the three professors we checked are also published, authors. So, to answer your question (is Hustlers University legit), YES, Hustlers University is 100% legit, and we didn’t find any reason why it wouldn’t be.

  1. Why Did Andrew Tate Choose To Host Hustlers University On Discord? Hustlers University 2.0 is perhaps one of the biggest, most vibrant Discord channels.
  2. Originally Hustlers University was born out of the highly successful The War Room.
  3. However, Andrew wanted to offer something better, of more value, and perhaps more engagement which led to the creation of Hustlers University.

Discord is a platform where people can hang out and discuss stuff, mainly sharing information. That made Discord a good choice for the university. However, after version 1.0 and then 2.0, Andrew realized there were limitations. Sure, it made discussion and connecting with other members to share ideas easier, but the limitations meant that there was a need to develop an independent platform to better sustain the business model.

  1. Hustlers University 3.0 is expected to be hosted on an entirely different platform designed to teach and learn.
  2. We can’t speak to how the platform will work, but based on what we’ve seen so far, we trust Andrew will deliver a learning experience of immense value with version 3.0 without having to work around Discord’s shortcomings.

Number of Students Attending Hustler’s University 2.0 We honestly can’t tell you for sure how many students are enrolled in Hustlers University. However, we contacted the university, and they said there were several thousand members worldwide. That’s many students for a relatively new program.

Plus, it shows that the program has become immensely popular despite the numerous conspiracy theories on the internet. In our experience it is a lot more popular than your traditional affiliate program backed course. How To Leave Hustlers University? After enrolling to try out Hustlers University, we decided to see how easy it was to cancel our enrollment, consequently opting out of paying their monthly fee.

Unlike many other courses we have tested, canceling our membership here was easy. All you need is to log in and head over to manage and cancel your Subscription. At least, that is how it works with HS 2.0. However, anyone needing further assistance can contact the company’s 24/7 LiveChat.

  1. Plus, Gum Road works as a protective bridge settles any disputes.
  2. In other words, it isn’t Andrew Tate charging you or Hustlers University but a third party to keep things neutral.
  3. So, not only are they making money online too but are keeping fair and transparent for everyone.
  4. It is also perfectly fine to sign up and then cancel later.
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Many people do it to check out what the university offers which is similar to how people check out other online courses. Final Word – Is Hustlers University Worth It? We would say that Hustlers University, in our experience and opinion based on the research we’ve done, is worth it.
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Who owns Hustlers University?

It was founded by Andrew Tate in 2021. It was created to teach people to make passive income in a variety of online industries.
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What’s Andrew Tate’s email?

Andrew Tate sent email to fans despite Romanian custody – According to, Andrew Tate recently sent out a newsletter to all of his subscribers with the subject “My first email from Imprisonment” which the video shows alongside the ‘[email protected]’ email.

  1. In the message, he details his current living conditions.
  2. I will send you my daily lessons from unjust imprisonment.
  3. They are trying to break me.
  4. Thrown inside a cell without light.
  5. Cockroaches, lice, and bed bugs are my only friends at night.
  6. When the guards bring me to and from the courtroom, I stay absolutely respectful,” he said.

Article continues after ad “They try to pour hatred into my heart. But Please and Thank You stick with me at all times. My prison guards are just performing their job, they have families to feed. In times of hardship, do not forget your manners.” Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more.

Tate continued: “In times of hardship, don’t forget your manners. They are trying to break my Iron Mind with unjust imprisonment. My absolute respect for everyone around me is my act of absolute rebellion. They cannot break me. My guards know I am innocent. Article continues after ad “They know it is unjust.

They see I will never break and respect my resolve. Please and Thank You stick with me at all times. Such is the way of the Wudan.” Right around the time he sent the email, Tate also posted on Twitter revealing that fans can email him as well. They finally allowed me to receive mail.You can send me your letters [email protected] — Andrew Tate (@Cobratate) According to the email, Tate’s conditions while in custody aren’t exactly high-class with him claiming he’s surrounded by roaches, bedbugs, and more.
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What is Tate’s the real world?

What is The Real World? – The Real World is a global community of like-minded individuals on a mission to become wealthy. Every member receives advanced training and mentoring from our team of millionaire industry specialists. We’ve successfully transformed thousands of lives through our money-focused, unique education system,
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What is the real world University?

Real World University is a virtual space for the entire family. RWU is organized on the premise that relationships and learning are priceless treasures that provide infinite ranges of benefits. We offer affordable and comfortable, small group settings where people come together to learn together. –
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Is join the real world worth it?

Should you join The Real World? – If you’re a big fan of Andrew Tate and eager to learn from him and his buddies, then I’d say The Real World is a worthwhile investment for you. You’ll likely find some good tips, processes and mentors within the training and private community.

  • If you’re on the fence, trying it for a month only costs $50, which is pretty great value compared to most other courses we’ve reviewed over the years.
  • However, if Andrew Tate rubs you the wrong way, it’s probably best to avoid The Real World.
  • If you still want to learn any of the subjects the course teaches, I’d recommend starting with some low-priced courses – eg.

from Udemy – to test the waters.
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Does Hu teach dropshipping?

E-Commerce Campus – The Ecommerce Campus is one of the online business programs available at Hustlers University. This course teaches students how to sell products online through the dropshipping business model. Trainers guide students through starting an online business, including finding winning products, creating a store, and generating traffic to the site.

  1. This course is ideal for those who want to learn how to start an online business from scratch and streamline the process to achieve success.
  2. The E-com Campus consists mainly of text lessons, with a few videos in slideshow format.
  3. While it may not have as many videos as other courses, the lessons provide practical advice about making money online with eCommerce.

This subject is becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by the success of Sophie Howard and Ecom Babes,
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How fast can you make money with Hustlers University?

On average, people make $150 to $200 or less in their first month. But if you learn enough you can earn 500 dollars in the first month, and the second month approximately 700 to 900 after you choose the Copywriting or Freelancing course. It is important to note that not everyone will earn that much in the first month.
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Is Andrew Tate the richest man in the world?

Highlights on Andrew Tate’s Biography –

Name Andrew Tate
Born December 1, 1986 (age 36) Washington, D.C., U.S.
Andrew Tate Age 36 Years
Occupations Media personalitykickboxer
Career Starting Since 2005 to Present
Parent Emory Tate (father)
Martial Arts Career
Height 6 ft 3 in (1.9 m)
Weight 205 lb (93 kg; 14.6 st)
Division CruiserweightLight heavyweight
Stance Southpaw
Fighting out of Luton, EnglandBucharest, Romania
Team Storm Gym
Kickboxing Record
Total 85
Wins 76
By knockout 23
Losses 9
Mixed martial arts record
Total 3
Wins 2
By knockout 1
By decision 1
Losses 1
By decision 1

img class=’aligncenter wp-image-189362 size-full’ src=’’ alt=’How Many People Are In Hustlers University’ />
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How much money does Andrew Tate make?

What is Andrew Tate’s Net Worth ? Does he really have $700 Million +

Andrew Tate’s net worth is estimated at $365 million, with wealth from various sources including kickboxing, online platforms, and businesses. Tate’s online educational platform, The Real World, has 200,000 students, generating almost $10 million per month. He invests in startups, turning a TV ad business and webcam modeling company into significant revenue streams. With a strong belief in cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, Tate’s investments in this space have proved profitable. Tate’s luxury car collection, including a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport and multiple Ferraris, is worth over $7 million,

In December 2022, former Big Brother (U.K.) contestant Andrew Tate was arrested after being accused of human trafficking and was ultimately detained in Romania. Tate is well-known for his outrageous and controversial remarks and for the physical assault of women that eventually resulted in his eviction from Big Brother.

His misogynistic views on women taking responsibility for sexual assault generated massive backlash and he made headlines as a result. The Twitter altercation with climate activist Greta Thunberg drew further public and tabloid attention. This was followed by an extensive ban from social media websites, predominantly Twitter, which was eventually reversed when Elon Musk took control.

Andrew Tate was well known before his arrest and the Greta Thunberg controversy, but only within the online male “self help” industry and somewhat as a kickboxer. This recent rise to sudden global fame, bragging of his own personal wealth has led meany to question actually how much money does Tate have? Well let’s fine out how much money Andrew Tate actually has. How Many People Are In Hustlers University Andrew Tate In spite of this, Tate earned substantial amounts of money from the videos he made, which contributed greatly to his wealth and fortune. As well as earning money from illicit webcam videos, he has invested in online businesses, competed in kickboxing, and stayed on Big Brother for a long time, all of which added to his wealth.
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How much does Andrew Tate make a year?

Andrew Tate Net Worth – Andrew Tate is a very successful person of American and British Nationality. He was born in America, but at a very young age, he shifted to London, where he started his journey in kickboxing. In 2010, he made his professional debut and won numerous Fights and championships.

  • Tate has won three ISKA championships and one Enfusion Championship.
  • He has also won the IKF British Cruiserweight championship.
  • Tate has played one match in professional Mixed Martin Arts and five matches in Amateur Mixed Martial Arts.
  • Tate also has a YouTube channel, and he also does commentary, which adds more to his fortune.

Currently, Andrew Tate has a net worth of $380 million USD, which is quite decent.

Name Andrew Tate
Net Worth (2023) $380 Million
Profession Kickboxer, commentator, businessman
Monthly Income $5 Million +
Yearly Income $50 Million +
Last Updated 2023

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How Andrew Tate makes all his money?

How did Andrew Tate Get Rich? The Ugly Truth Former kickboxer turned controversial social media star took over the world by storm last year. From being an unknown former kickboxer to becoming the most searched man on the internet at one point, Tate has had a ride for the ages.

  1. However, the main reason why people view ‘Top G’ is mostly due to his over-the-top boasting of his wealth and not caring what anyone has to say about his political inclinations.
  2. This unapologetic and brash attitude is what made Tate a household name in Internet culture.
  3. However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for him after he was detained by the police on charges of human trafficking and,

Despite this, he has claimed his innocence and hopes that his self-proclaimed trillion-dollar fortune would help him get out of this mess. So let us take a deep dive into how Tate earns his millions and whether he is actually a trillionaire. ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad Tate is a master of managing his money and doesn’t have a single revenue stream for his finances.

His primary source of income is his online course, Hustler’s university which accounts for the majority of his revenue. He also had a booming webcam business which has seen a drastic change since the charges. Moreover, Tate has amassed over 11.6 billion views on TikTok despite being banned. This virality has also earned him some additional revenue along with being the perfect promoter for his university as well.

Hustler’s university currently has over 100,000 students subscribed to a monthly fee of $50. This alone would net Tate $5 million a month, excluding all the additional packages one could buy with the course. While this amount would certainly be life-changing for a normal person, Tate has claimed that this is only a small part of his net worth.

Moreover, according to him, ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad Despite claiming to be the world’s first trillionaire, Tate is nowhere near that milestone., although some sources claim it could be around 300-400 million. This is a far cry from achieving the trillionaire status which no man in the world has.

As of writing, even the richest man in the world Bernard Arnault has a net worth of $212.1 billion, according to Forbes. This is more than $780 billion short of the targeted milestone which might seem impossible to reach for anyone, at least in the near future.
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How much money did Andrew Tate make from kickboxing?

Andrew Tate was making $100,000 dollars per fight during his time as a kickboxer. Realizing that the sport would never allow him to live the lifestyle he desired, he moved into entrepreneurship. With a former co-worker, Tate started a Television Advertising company.
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